EDpuzzle/Tech Post 5

So, with the coronavirus keeping us out if school, We need to find a good resource to keep teaching us about our topics. One resource we have been using that I really like is EDpuzzle. The way it works is Mr. Calvert assigns us a video, but what EDpuzzle lets him do is add questions to parts of the video, so he can see what we’ve learned. EDpuzzle is cool because the videos are pretty interesting, and you can see if you really understand with the questions. This is a picture of the layout:

Passion Project #4: Learning About Myself

I have learned a lot about myself already during this Passion Project and these times. One of the major things I’ve learned about myself is that as a learner, I would much rather be doing things hands on, like the actual coding part, than be doing research. But I know that both of these are important, so I have to push myself to be doing great research. I’ve also learned that I can be very resourceful when I need to be. I already kind of knew this about myself, but I am seeing it in action during this project. As I expected, there is not much about Unity’s creators and facts, so it was tough to find good information, but I figured it out. What I have learned about myself as a reader is that I try to find only the most important things in articles and not really read them, so I am trying to stop doing that and read the whole article. As a writer, I have realized I tend  to go straight to what I think is important information, but now I am trying to write the whole story, not just the cool parts. I know that I have a tendency to procrastinate, but I am trying to shut that off. I think I have really improved as a time manager for myself, and I am trying not to procrastinate with this project.

Passion Project #3: Revisions

I have come a long way with my Passion Project. I am almost done with my written notes, but it has been hard because there is not really all that much information about the founders of Unity, but some websites have had good information. The resource I am finding most helpful is a YouTube channel called Brackeys because it has a video on literally ANYTHING you could think of about Unity. It also has some good tutorials, and I might follow one as my final project. Another very helpful resource is a book called Unity Cookbook. One of the note-taking strategies I am really working on is writing things down in my own words. I am trying not to plagiarize anything, so I really have to write things down my way. It is also helpful because I may not understand everything that the website says in a while when I forget the terms, but if I write it down my own way, I will definitely be able to understand it. Anyway, so far, I think I have been making great progress. It has been tough, though, because there are not that many resources on the founders of Unity, but I have been making it work.

This is a picture of the book I’ve been using:

Passion Project #2: Identifying Resources

As you know, my Passion Project topic is Unity, a video game programming language. The way I went about identifying my book resource is I went on Amazon and I found the book with the best and most ratings, then I did the preview and saw that I could understand it, so I bought it. The way I went about identifying video resources was I went onto YouTube and found the most popular one. Then I went to their channel and saw that they made a lot of tutorials on Unity. So I just used those. The resource I think will be the most helpful is the YouTube channel because it has literally anything you could think of about Unity. The nonfiction reading skills I want to practice are, number one, reading a paragraph or page of the book, and then just writing down what is most important, and number two, note-taking in my own words. These skills apply to interviews because the interviewer must take in the most important information related to their topic. The second one relates to interviewing because the interviewers have to write it down their own way to understand it later. Thanks for reading, and I will see you later!

This is a pic of the main part of the YouTube channel I’ve been studying:

Passion Project #1: How Did I Come Up With My Topic

For my Passion Project, I will study a video game programming language called Unity. The process of selecting this topic was easy. I’ve always been passionate about video game programming, but never really dove into it. I was originally going to do video game programming in general, but then I realized I would need to narrow down at one point, so I did a bit of research and discovered that Unity was the most powerful, yet beginner-friendly, coding language. My guiding research questions will be: Who created Unity, what was it created for, what is it mainly used for, what else can it be used for, which major corporations use it, how does it compare to other languages, were other languages based on it, how does it actually work, and will a sixth-grader be able to make something on it. I chose these because I am also interested in learning about the history of Unity. I also included questions about how it works. My letter is attached, and I will see you soon!

Letter: Daniel Pantchev – Passion Project 2020 – 4800888

This is Unity’s layout:

Soldering/Tech Post #4

In tech, we are learning how to solder. Solder is basically like glue, but it is melted metal. It gets really hot, so I’ll have to be careful! We have a circle with a little ring on the top, and we are ordering wires to make a design. Mine says Bet. This is a picture of the circle we will put our design in:

See you guys soon, but with all the stuff happening with coronavirus, I’m not sure how soon!

Cardboard Box Construction/Tech Post #3

Yesterday we constructed the cardboard box that we will use for our automata. There were 5 sides, which were all labeled by burnt in letters. We also got our wheels back. Mine is a big-wheel. This is a pic of it:

I plan to make a quarterback throwing a ball, the ball being connected to the big wheel. When it spins, the stick will go right and left. That’s basically my whole idea. See you next post!


Automata/Tech Post #2

In Tech we are making Automatons. My idea is going to be a football player throwing a football, and the football will be controlled by a big-wheel. We have already sketched our idea, and we sent our vector images to Mr. Calvert so that he cuts them with the laser cutter. We used Vectornator to draw our wheels, which are called cams. I’m excited to build my automaton on Monday. I want to see how it turns out.

Breakout EDU Game/Tech Post #1

On Wednesday, 2/5/20, We played a cool game called Breakout EDU. I liked it because it required you to think logically and it was like Escape the Room, which I did on my birthday and enjoyed. It was also very informative, because all the clues were on multiple safety sheets. I learned and had fun at the same time, which is pretty cool. This is a pic of the box we had to open to win:

This is the box we had to open in Breakout EDU








As you can see, its pretty cool, and I really enjoyed this experience. It was both informative and fun.


Capstone #6

There were a lot of ways I prepare to present. But first, I had to finish my script and slides. My script was not that hard to finish. The only part that was hard was shortening it so it was only 5 minutes long. The slideshow was not that hard to complete. I included a lot of special effects. I really like it and I think its cool, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. This is it:

After those were both done, I had to practice. One of the things I practiced was switching the slide when I had to. That was my weakness. I don’t know why, but I just never did it at the right time. Also, I filmed myself doing it and presenting and I realized that I talked to fast. Also, I need to avoid distractions. This will be really helpful when I present to the other grades and classes, because there’s bound to be somebody messing around in the audience. The resources I used for this project are:


How Did YouTube Start?

What Is YouTube?

YouTube Rewind Compilation

The History Of YouTube

How BIG Is Google?


YouTube: The Company And Its Founders


How YouTube Changed The World

What Is YouTube?

The Differences Between YouTube And Twitch

Key Turning Points In The History Of YouTube

If you are wondering about anything related to YouTube, these resources are probably the best places to look for information. Thanks for reading!