Tech post #1

So far tech has been like most classes in the first week(not the first week right now). Mr.calvert has told us about all of the tools and all of the rules the classic first week of school classroom. There are a bunch of really cool tools like the soldering iron, jig saw, and drill press. In addition to all of that we played a game called breakout edu. In. This game Mr.Calvert but the safety goggles in a box and looked it up. He then told us we had to open the box. My team had to look for clues and open the box. My team opened the box in only 29 minutes isn’t that amazing(sarcasm). The rules are:

1. Think before you act

2. Tie long hair back, no baggy clothes and dangling jewelry

3. Don’t assume you know before training

4. No talking when using machinery

5. Protect your eyes always

6.before using a machine get permission, instruction, and inspect machine

7. Use all guards when using machines

8. Power tools are dangerous

9. Soldering irons are dangerous be careful.

10. Sharp objects are dangerous be careful

11. Walk all the time never push

12. Report lol accidents burns, cuts, scratches, and splinters no matter how small