May 27


In class we are reading Refugee By Alan Gratz . In Refugee there are 3 main characters Josef, Isabel, Mahmoud’s. There are lots of shifts of power and I will be telling you about some.

In Josef section power is shifts by the captain and workers had it at first but then Josef and some other people were going to the bridge and taking hostages because they did not want to go back to Germany. One more power shift is that it was a normal town until Hitler came and took all of the Jews t contractions camps..This is a power shift because the people had the freedom and then Hitler took all of it.

In Isabel’s story  power shifts from at first when Castro had all of the power then the rioting took his power away. Then later on the storm took the power because the engine would not start and they were stranded out in the middle of the ocean.  The power also shifted when they left Cuba because everyone got really happy to be free. The power went down when the tanker got in there way because now there engine would not start and they had to get out of the way for the big tanker.

In Mahmoud’s section, in the beginning the Syrian Government had all of the power. Then later on Mahmoud’s power went up when he saved Wallieed from the gun shots. Then the smugglers had the power when they kept on saying the boat would be ready tomorrow. Mahmoud felt powerful when they were leaving on the dingie. Then the ocean took power when Mahmoud and his Mom were drowning. Mahmoud re-gained power when he found the life vest of the died man. Then the power went down when the taxi driver pointed a gun at them and told them they had to leave. Then the power went even further down when they were taken to jail because the could not cross the boarder.


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