The Wizard Of Oz Epilogue

In my class we just finished The Wizard Of Oz. The challenge was to make an Epilogue (An Ending) that I personally loved to write. Scroll down to see what I came up with:

A couple of months passed…

Dorothy missed her new friends very much. She had wished to see them just one more time. Then Dorothy remembered she had received a very generous gift from Oz himself. One wish. He said it could be anything she wanted. Oz told Dorothy she must use it wisely because there is only one wish to be granted. Dorothy thought and thought. 
“Why don’t I ask to see all my new friends just one more time?” She thought. She  remembered the magic words she was ordered to say. 
“Diddly goo make my wish be granted please” she said, certain that those were the correct words to say. 
A couple of minutes later…

Then a dark cloud formed in the sky and all her friends came down landing on Dorothy herself. 
“SCARECROW! TINMAN! LION!” She said trying to pick herself up from the ground. “Toto come here. All of our friends came to visit..” “Your back! How did you get here?”Dorothy questioned.
“A dark cloud picked us up and I guess we landed here,” the Scarecrow said happily.
“My My this place is very different than Oz” The Tinman said as he looked around exploring.
 “Yes, It seems very different then Oz doesn’t it?”. The Lion added on. 
“Come on let me show you around” Dorothy changed the subject.
“This is the farm” Dorothy said pointing to the left which had a very large farm.
“Can I roll around in the vegetables?” The Lion interrupted what Dorothy had been saying.
“Yes just this once because you are the king of the forest you need some respect. Oh how about you Scarecrow since you are the ruler of Oz do you want anything special?” Dorothy said thoughtfully.
‘No I’m afraid I have everything I need.” The Scarecrow said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes Dorothy I’m afraid I am.”
“Okay” Dorothy answered.
A minute later…

“What’s happening to you!” Dorothy said frightfully.
“AHHHHHHHHHH I think the cloud is taking us back to Oz! I’m starting to rise into the cloud.”The Tinman said even more scared than Dorothy.
“Then we must say goodbye quick” Dorothy said sadly.
“Byeeeee”They all said together as The 3 characters started to drift away with the cloud.
“Remember follow the yellow brick road” 
The End

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