February 5

I ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– candy

I love candy!

I love candy because thereโ€™s so many different brands of candy like Haribo, Skittles, Sour patch and many more. Also, I love candy because thereโ€™s so much sugar inside or on the outside of almost any candy. Mostly, I love candy because it makes me feel so many different things like being hyper, happy, and it calms me down when Iโ€™m mad and my brother (because we fight a lot).


I love candy because thereโ€™s about a millions of types of different candy brands like Twix, Kitkat, Skittles, Marshmallows, Rice krispies, Sour patch, Cotton candy, Rease’s, Sweet tarts, Nerds, Sour crawlers, Gummy Bears, Starbursts and thereโ€™s still many more I haven’t named.


Another reason I like candy is because it has so much sugar inside or sprinkled in the outside,There are different kinds of sugar in different kinds of candy for example there’s: sour sugar, extremely sour sugar,ย normal sugar, sweet sugar and other types. And almost on any and evrey candy theirs sugar inside orin the outside. I know sugar is unhealthy for you but sometimes I have a bag of candy and I try saving it for as long as I can but sometimes when I start eating one, I can’t help but eat another one. And once I eat that one I sayย โ€œOk this is the last oneโ€I say to myself but it isn’t and I just keep eating and eating and soon the whole bag is gone!Sometimes Iโ€™m dying for candy and then I slowly started thinking about stealing some from my brother and then โ€ฆ I eat one piece!!

ย I also love candy because it calms me down when iโ€™m mad at my brother (because me and my brother fight alot).ย Candy can also make me really hyper (when itโ€™s sour) and makes me go crazy and run around the house like hungry tigers are chasing you.ย I also like sweet candy because it makes me feel like the luckiest kid in the whole entire Universe, it also makes me feel lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ย Once I was just dying to get candy but my mom wouldn’t let me get some, when suddenly I saw a big yellow box filled with candy and it said for Nikolaus and I felt so good. I also love candy because each type of candy has its own unique flavor like:sour ,sweet ,strawberry, lemon. My favorite candies are Skittles Sour Patch, Fun Dip and nerds, I like skittles because there’s so many different flavors and they all taste so different but I hate the wild berry version. I like sour patch also because there’s so many flavors but also because their covered in a kind of sour sugar. And last but not least I love nerds because when you suck on them. with your tongue they start melting and basically when you bite through inside its puts sugar. I love fun dip because it comes in a long sugary bar and after you lick it you put it in a sugar kind of powder!


I still love candy but I know that it not healthy for you at all, but that doesn’t matter to me still

I ๐Ÿ’– candy!

February 5

Colonial America

In the article Colonial America, it states that there are many different colonial tribes.

When colonists settled in America, they traded iron and colonial clothing for corn and animal fur. For the first few years Natives and colonists lived in peace, but soon more colonists came and started claiming the Native Americansโ€™ land. The native cultures did not believe in a permanent ownership of land which made it easier for the colonists to take. Another big issue was disease that killed hundreds of natives because they had never been in contact with those diseases. People that went to Jamestown also hoped to get rich but they did not find any gold or valuable items. Many people were given money to come to America, but in return they had to work for that person for seven years. Soon, Africans were brought to America to work for free for the colonists. At first they were treated like indentured servants, but later slavery was made permanent and slaves couldnโ€™t earn their freedom back.