February 5

Colonial America

In the article Colonial America, it states that there are many different colonial tribes.

When colonists settled in America, they traded iron and colonial clothing for corn and animal fur. For the first few years Natives and colonists lived in peace, but soon more colonists came and started claiming the Native Americans’ land. The native cultures did not believe in a permanent ownership of land which made it easier for the colonists to take. Another big issue was disease that killed hundreds of natives because they had never been in contact with those diseases. People that went to Jamestown also hoped to get rich but they did not find any gold or valuable items. Many people were given money to come to America, but in return they had to work for that person for seven years. Soon, Africans were brought to America to work for free for the colonists. At first they were treated like indentured servants, but later slavery was made permanent and slaves couldn’t earn their freedom back.

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