Save The World With A Pen

Since I was about 6 ( I’m just saying that I liked to write since I was 6) I had this admiration to write and all of my teachers said “This girl has an good imagination” and I believe that strength does not come from a sword but a pen just like what Percy always says



Keep calm and save the world with a pen! Haha…Helen knows what I’m talking about.

13 thoughts on “Save The World With A Pen

  1. Oh yeah I do! Girl, stealing my thing? But yeah, I agree. Oh, also, you are obsessed with the “Keep Calm” stuff. Also, YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH PERCY JACKSON! Wait, I think Uncle Rick made Percy’s weapon turn into a pen for a reason (he IS a writer).

    1. Well I am OBSESSED with Percy Jackson and Hunger Games and cake( who isn’t?”) but yeah a POWERFUL reason

    1. Didn’t you read the Percy Jackson series? I remember you with the 3rd book in whatever grade…

      Yeah I don’t know what I’m talking about ;}

  2. Geez, I know what you are talking about TOO!!! You didn’t include me! XD I know, I know, you shouldn’t!! Yeah, you have no idea what I’m talking about!!!!

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