Hello Mostly America

                                                                                     HI AMERICANS

Hi, my name is Vince. I was born in New York (and I still live there). I’m 10 and I have a sister (she’s 7). In this blog I’ll tell you what I’m doing in school, and about things that I like (sports, video games, reading, building lego sets, watching YouTube,  movies, and impersonating  people).  I’ll also tell you about things that are happening in the world that I’m interested in.

I like to impersonate people that I like and don’t like. The person that I impersonate who I like is Purple Shep. The person who I impersonate that I don’t like is Donald Trump.

My favorite sports teams are the Giants, the Yankees, and the Knicks. Funny story about that…The last time the Giants won the Super Bowl I had just started watching football (then I was a Jets fan). When I saw the Giants win the Super Bowl, I realized that the Jets wouldn’t win the Super Bowl in a million years! So I became a Giants fan.

I like to build legos as a hobby. I don’t do it as much as I used to, but when I find a cool set, I want to get it. Fun fact: the first and longest lasting lego set that I still have today was the first big Millennium Falcon.  

My favorite video games are Minecraft, Roblox, Madden, NBA2k, and many more.  I play Minecraft and Roblox on the ipad (I also play roblox on the computer).  I also have an xbox where I play Madden, NBA2k, and a bunch of others.

          In my spare time when I’m not playing video games playing or watching sports,  I watch YouTube. My favorite YouTubers are… Dantdm, Pink Sheep, Purple Shep, Zeph Playz, Explodingtnt, Failboat, and many more.

My favorite places to go to are Florida, California, NYC, Washington DC, and the Cayman Islands. I go to NYC almost every weekend. In Florida, I’ve gone to Disneyworld and my great grandma lives near Tampa. I’ve only been to California once and I loved   it. I also have only been to DC once when I was in first grade and I’m going back this Spring Break. I’ve been to the Cayman Islands annually for as long as I can remember.

My favorite movies are all the Star Wars movies, all the Harry Potter movies, all superhero movies (including Deadpool), and many more.

Also, my favorite books are all the Harry Potter books, Wonder by R.J Palacio, the Honus and me series, and a bunch of others I forgot the names of.

What do you like? Have you been to the places I’ve been to? Do you like the same things I do? Feel free to ask me questions in the comments. Also, in the comments you can ask me about things you want me to blog about. I hope you like my blog.  🙂

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  1. I think that your post is very thoughtful Vince.I also live in NY.I agree Yankees rule! What kind of candy do you like? Also what other sport teams do you like?

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