Scatch Project #2

When making my second scratch project I thought of what can be better than the last one. Then I went with a classic game of Hide-an-Seek Here’s the game

I think the Easter egg will get me more views because players who some how find this game, can visit more and more times looking for the Easter egg. Hint: Has to do with when you lose. Well… scratch project’s 3 and 4 are not my best, but there ok.

3 thoughts on “Scatch Project #2

  1. I really liked how you explained the easter egg but it would be better if you didn’t have a link. But overall great job

  2. This game had many fun features and it was really good how you used a send message block which made the bear pop up. Again the writing was a little short but great game!

  3. I liked the game. I was just confused about the losing part. What makes you lose? WHat do you mean by ‘Easter egg’?
    Other than that I think it’s great!

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