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Plant Reflection #2

My group has been studying our plants.The control quad has still been growing and it seems like they are starting to droop. Our control quad’s plants also has started to grow buds! Our plants are growing to at least 5 cm tall. Some plants grow taller. The plant is green like usual. The plant is growing straight up but then soon they start to fall down and touch the soil. It seems wrong. But overall I think that the plants are doing very well! The change since the start was that the plants are growing really tall and really well. I never thought the plants would grow this tall and this well.

My group has realized that the experimental quad’s ( cell 1, 3, and 4) have started to grow! Cell three is doing great out of all the rest. Cell 3 and cell 1 are the only ones growing so far. Cell 3 is about 2 cm tall. Cell ones plant is very small so my group can’t measure that plant. The plant is still green like usual. It is growing straight but it is also starting to droop. The change since the start was that in the beginning there was no plant at all, but know there is a little plant in cell 3 and cell 1!

Based off of  my results, we found out that the sand actually isn’t soft enough to suck the water up. I believe it’s because when we water the plant the sand tightens up so it’s hard for the plant to push itself through the sand. I think that because if you imagine you are at the beach, when the water touches the the sand, the sand is hard so you can’t use that sand to build a sand castle.


Plant Experiment #1

My class has been learning about plants. For this project we have to come up with a question we are wondering. My group and I want to know if a plant can still grow using sand instead of soil. My hypothesis was that the plant could still grow because the sand is soft enough to suck up the water. For this experiment we had two plants, one is the control and one is the manipulated. The control quad has everything it needs like air, water, sunlight, seeds, fertilizer pellets, and soil. For my manipulated quad, I put in water, air, fertilizer pellets, sand, sunlight, and seeds.

After the first week I am noticing that all my control plants are growing very well! Each of the plants have two or three leaves. They are green and 3 cm tall already! The plant has been watered everyday daily from the top and overnight it’s getting watered from the bottom. My manipulated plant is starting to grow in cell 3 but not that much. I think it’s because when we water it the sand gets hard so it’s hard for the plant to push itself up. I wonder why?