Archive | February 2018

Passion Project Reflection 1

I wanted to study about cooking. In class, I was brainstorming about what I was passionate about and then cooking popped into my head. So I thought about it and finally I decided to learn about cooking.

During free time at school and at home I started to think about what I should study specifically. So I tried narrowing down my idea from cooking to the idea of meals and snacks. After I knew that I couldn’t narrow my topic down anymore, I ended up with meals and snacks as my topic to research about.

Then, I started to come up with some questions about meals and snacks. I was brainstorming about what I really wanted to know the answer of about meals and snacks and I came up with many questions! This was pretty easy because I wanted to study a lot about cooking and more specifically, I wanted to know a lot of answers to many questions I had about cooking.

After coming up with some questions, I started my research. Research was a little bit hard for me because we had to take notes based on text structure. Research was also a little bit hard because I got A TON of information! I kept going back to the same websites and I still got tons and tons of information! Sometimes it can be really hard to keep all of the information you got from websites.

When I finished my research the hard part was over. But still, the “do” part was here and the “do” part would probably not be that easy either. I was happy that I got a lot of information, but when I was recording the information, I was not very happy. I was in fact working very very  hard on my research.