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Immigration Blog Post #4 – Reflection On The Entire Process

Overall, I think this project was fun and interesting. Even though there were some challenges, it was still a great experience. I learned a lot from it. I am happy with my final video and wouldn’t change it at all.

During this immigration project, there were many challenges. For instance, narrating the video was a challenge. Writing the script was also a challenge. But no project would be interesting if there weren’t some challenges involved in it and you wouldn’t be able to learn anything if it were so easy.

I am happy with my final immigration video because I spent a lot of time working on it and it turned out just like I wanted it. There were several pictures and narrations. I think if I had a second chance to re-do my video, I would keep it the same.

This project has been such a fun, exciting, and interesting experience for me. I learned a lot about my mom’s journey to America and her immigration process. I enjoyed learning about her past experience. I will never forget this project.

Immigration Blog Post #3 – Creating The Spark Video

Have you ever heard about Adobe Spark Video? Well, I have. In fact, I’ve actually used it to create a video before.

After my interview with my mom, I started putting together a video of her immigration process. My class was assigned to use Adobe Spark Video, so that’s what I used. The easiest part was probably putting pictures into the video. But the hardest part was writing the script and narrating throughout the video.

Putting the pictures in wasn’t hard. Since I had an outline of my video, I had a basic idea of what my video was going to look like. In the outline, I wrote what I was going to say on what slide, and what images and text I wanted on each slide. So I just looked at what I wanted on each slide, and imported it into my video.

Writing my script and narrating it through the video was complicated. I had to look at my questions and my mom’s answers to them. Then, I had to come up with what I was going to say in the video, based on the question and answer. In my video, I narrated about my mom’s experience immigrating and her story. I think that was the hardest part.

Overall, creating this video was very fun and exciting. It was challenging at some points but I learned a lot from it. This was a great experience.

Immigration Blog Post #2 – Interview

Do you know what it’s like to get interviewed? Well, my mom surely does. Why? Because I interviewed her for my immigration project.

After I finished coming up with questions for my interview, I actually had my interview. I didn’t have much of a problem with finding a time to have my interview since I was interviewing my mom and I could see her everyday. However, my mom was also very busy everyday so I had to wait for a time when she was free. So I waited. When my mom was finally free, I interviewed her.

During the interview, I asked my mom twelve questions that were mostly open-ended. My teacher said it was best to take a video of the interview, then listen back to the video and write down the answers. So that’s exactly what I did. Only I typed the answers up instead of writing them.

Overall, the interview was a great experience! I can’t wait for the next part of this project!

Immigration Blog Post #1 – Preparing For The Interview

Have you ever immigrated somewhere? When my class started the immigration project, I knew it would be an interesting project. Why? Because the first thing we had to do was find an immigrant and prepare questions for he or she to answer. For me, that wasn’t much of a challenge because my parents were immigrants and they emigrated from China.

Now, my class wasn’t just assigned to make up questions for nothing. We had to prepare questions that were open-ended for the immigrant that we were interviewing to answer. So I just decided that I would interview my mom. My teacher said that we had to come up with ten to fifteen questions for our interview. At first, I had trouble coming up with that many open-ended questions, but then, my teacher gave us a few examples and I used some of them and added them to my list of questions. Also, my teacher said that it would be easier for us to take a video of the interview so we could go back to it later on in the project.

I can’t wait to interview my mom!