Choosing a Topic – 1

In school, there is a big project going on right now called CapStone which is a project where you get to make a presentation about a topic that you want to learn more about. I picked the topic radio because I really want to know how announcers speak into a microphone that connects to the cars radio‚Äôs and t.v. But now since I been researching a bit i’m getting to know how it works and hopefully at the end I get to understand how everything works. You can pick tons of ways to explain your topic like ted talks, ignites and movies. I’m doing an Ignite. An ignite talk is when you have to do 12 slides with 15 seconds on each which is 3 minutes. I am really excited to share my project with everyone!



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  1. I liked your post Braden. You have a couple grammar errors that you should fix and move your blog to the capstone category. Good job!

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