Capstone – Site Visit 4

For my Site Visit I went to a Radio Station. It was very fascinating  I saw people talking in microphones, I took pics too and  it was great! Dawn Stevens (The person I interviewed) guided me through the place and it was pretty much a long hallway with doors on the side and each room helps and makes radio. Dawn Stevens showed me where he worked and I thought it was the best room I saw during my interview. It had all the buttons and levers and computers all on one desk, and a window in front of it so he can so what is going on. That room was the best. Another cool room I saw was a room that had on air and was ON AIR!! But I didn’t go in because I couldn’t interrupt their broadcast. After that I saw the last room that had nine chairs about and they all had microphones so they could have a meeting on air. I also sat in one of the chairs! Then me and my mom went outside for the last information we could get. There was a satellite radio panel on the roof and he explained what that meant. When we were done Dawn Stevens gave us a map of the sound wave radius for me to work on me capstone!

Capstone – Interviewing 3

For Capstone we need to interview for extra research. You can email, skype, phone, or actually meet the person for an interview. I choose email and hoped to visit a site. I planned on interviewing Samantha Rosenthal Fisher. She is one of my mom’s friends and Samantha Fisher works for the Radio. I emailed Ms. Fisher 10 questions ahead of time and I planned on asking her the questions in person. It ended up that Samantha Fisher was too busy to speak and meet with me. Luckily, I found Dawn Stevens. I ended up interviewing Mr. Stevens on the phone. On the phone we set up my site visit for May 24, 2017. Once we called for the interview I just told him the 10 questions and he gave the answers that he could answer. Then we scheduled the site visit. One of her answers was “AM/FM radio reaches 92% of the population whereas Satellite radio reaches between 6-8% of the population. The coverage is significantly different as Satellite is a network that has only national coverage and AM/FM radio scales locally or nationally. AM/FM Radio is also live and local, whereas Satellite does quite well with niche music lovers, and Howard Stern Fans. The challenge is Satellite radio doesn’t have the ability to scale since the network is locked and loaded, whereas radio has major overlap. And that was only one question!

Capstone – Main Inquiry Question 2

In Capstone we need to choose a  Main Inquiry question so for example, if I choose spongebob I would say how did spongebob evolve over the years? But since I did radio I asked how does Fm/AM radio compare to satellite radio? It was pretty hard but my mom helped a little so that’s my question. We also need to do 5 sub questions which means we need to choose 5 question we would research about.