1-Design/Build Rocket 1

Rocket blog post


We are building rockets, then we are going to launch them on this special launcher. My favorite part about the designing process was making the inspiration board because we got to add glitter and got to do a lot of fun research like Newton’s three laws, diagrams and pictures of rockets. My team is called the astro rockets, I actullay like that name.


My favorite part about building the rocket is making the fins because it was fun to choose the number of fins and the sizes, I also like to hot glue them on our rocket, I love hot glue!


 We built our rocket in a thick way and we used contruction paper we also used contruction tape so it could be very secured. For our Nose Cone we had to use this special technique and then cover it with tape then hot glue it to the rocket. Then we add our fins with hot glue and also add so tape so it could be extra stable.

Ignite presentation Reflection

We did a Ignite for American Revolution unit, we did in front of parents our parents. One of the things I thought I did well was I din’t mess on my words I was clean well thats what my mom told me. One of the thing I don’t think I did well was in the begining I would talk a good pase than in the middle I go super fast than I would go slow again that really messed my slides.

King George, What was his Problem

We are reading a book about the American Revolution. We are in the middle of the book. It talks about some of the most important people and important events.


One thing I am thinking is the French were only being nice to Ben Franklin when they didn’t even like each other.


Why is French spies spying on Ben Franklin if they were being so nice to him?

Colony Poster Reflection

We are building colonies. We had to make posters for our colonies. One thing I learned for the posters is it can’t be rainbow ans unicorn. It would be better if you did black and white  as your color for the picture but blue is good to. Building our colonies it was on cardboard and I am telling you it is so hard. One thing I learned about building is how hard it is to build a strocture. I thought it would be easy.


My poster gose with my colony because in the old days they need good education so they can have a good job an survive