Colony Poster Reflection

We are building colonies. We had to make posters for our colonies. One thing I learned for the posters is it can’t be rainbow ans unicorn. It would be better if you did black and white  as your color for the picture but blue is good to. Building our colonies it was on cardboard and I am telling you it is so hard. One thing I learned about building is how hard it is to build a strocture. I thought it would be easy.


My poster gose with my colony because in the old days they need good education so they can have a good job an survive


Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 2

This Read Aloud Reflection is 2 in the Series of Posts about Wonder


We were reading Wonder and they are talking about precept it means something important. A precept in my life is my when someone brings you down get up.

I think that he will start being less invisbells more being right and smart and I think Summer will be his friend for the rest of the book.

Read Aloud Reflection-Wonder-1

This Read Aloud Reflection is the 1st in a series of posts about the book Wonder.


We are reading the book Wonder. I think Juilan is jealous or he has promblems at home and a the end I think he will be alone. I think Auggie he will end up best friends with Jack Will but what I know about having best friend is that there will be a comflict.

Welcome to 4th Grade!

My 4th year has begun! I feel very happy and so excited about my teacher Mrs.Volpi and all the new things we are going to learn with math, reading, science, social studies and writting!


My goal is to try to read everyday and get better in math. I am so happy about the book we are reading Wonder and the book Wish I hope get good jots in my note book. I think so far that we do a lot of math in 4th grade and it is getting pretty hard. I think it will challenge me more and I love a challenge.

I am so excited about 4th grade!