rube goldberg Project: THE FINAL POST

This post is a summary of everything. During this project, I learned a lot of things I learned that nothing will be completed right away and I learned to use the stuff y0u have. This project was pretty fun. My parents helped me a lot, my parents filmed and helped me set up everything. My sketches were hard to make because I didn’t know what to do.





Rube Goldberg: part 5

Today I started editing my project. I don’t have a mac so I cannot use iMovie. So I had to download a completely different editor and learn it. This new editor is very complicated and  I had to spend 70 dollars on the no watermark version. The editor is like iMovie more gimmicks. I put an animation and you should try to spot it.



Rube goldberg project: Part 4

If you haven’t read my previous blog posts you will not understand this one. Recently I finished building my Rube Goldberg project. now that I was finished building we’re on to the second most fun part. Filming! The problem with filming is that you have to take like 1 billion takes though. One time only the end of my project didn’t work. Now my project still has problems with the end and it is super annoying.




First, Before I start this post I’m gonna give a summary of my whole project. If you don’t remember the car goes down the ramp hits a wood block the block hits Jenga blocks which hit the squash ball that went down a track and hits a train thee train goes down a track hitting CDs that knocks down a ball launched a car that hits CDs which pop the balloon. Immediately found a problem the CDs kept falling over so I put Jenga block in between and that solved the problem. Besides that, I had no other problem with step five and six.





Rube goldberg project part:2

On Saturday I started building my rube Goldberg project. I built the first two steps. The plan was a car goes down a pipe then hit dominos. First I had to figure out how to hold up the tube and I figured out how to do it. A Hot wheels track holder! So I attached the tube and the holder with wall tacky. Then the dominos I just made it into an elbow shape and it was all good.




End of part:2

Rube goldberg project PART:1

Five days ago I got assigned my Rube Goldberg project. So far it is great! But before I talk whats a rube Goldberg a rube Goldberg is a bunch of machines performing a simple task. When I got my assignment I drew my sketch right when I got home. Then for the next four day, I just gathered wood blocks for the project. After it was Saturday and I started to build but I didn’t realize I had so much room.  So I completely redesigned my project. So far I have build four steps, And I think my project will be epic.