Capstone Kind of…

Yesterday I watched a lego brickumentary for capstone research because my capstone is about legos and child development and it has so much info and deserves all the awards that it earned. It was about lego Communities, Autism treatment, creativity, socializing and other things. You might be thinking “Ohhh Harry it’s just random clips (Scoff)” No it has clips but it has lots of animated parts to and animation is sooooo kewl (Exaggeration). The movie had 3 main plots the kid with speech disabilities plot, the lego Artist plot and the mom lego builder plot. The movie had much good information. It turns out that lego communities have their own language like AFOL is an adult fan of lego. The mom won the lego model at brickcon 3 years in a row BTW the model was from the hobbit. The kid with the disabilities got helped by Legos because it helped his communication skills and his plot was that he went to New York and saw the 1 million piece X-Wing Fighter. The Lego artist plot was about an artist who makes his things with Lego and the plot point was his exhibition and everyone looking at it and everyone that said it was good so that surprised him. Overall this movie was fantastic. It was great 10 out of 10 would movie again would highly recommend anyone in this universe.



Stop motion project

In the computer lab we are doing a stop motion animation project. For those who don’t know stop motion animation is when you take lots of pictures to form a movie. My stop motion has a assassin trying to hurt a bad guy. It’s very difficult in a group because we had to agree on a theme, and you don’t have full creative control. It’s also difficult because the camera’s are not very movable so we can’t get very complex angle’s. Even though I’ve done stop motion before this animation seem’s far more difficult than making my old animations. I am also working with my friends but I think that’s harder because we might start goofing off. In conclusion my stop motion project is very difficult but I will make it out alive.