Tech #6

I finished my flashlight. I think its really good project. I had so much fun. Did i mention that the flashlight is water proof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats super duper cool my parents really like the flashlight.

tech #5

I started soldering my flashlight today it was very fun but very complicated. I messed up the positive and negative sides of the wire though it was preety fun. I liked making the switch and the circut

Tech #4

In class we just got introduced to the SAW. I tried to help my friends first with sawing. Sawing was very very very hard. But it was fun

Tech #3

I just started making the blueprint for my flashlight. its going to be around 3 inch long. We also learned about these kids who got stuck in a cave in thailand and that was kinda really scary

Tech #2

Hi again!!!!. I just started making my solder person. He is going to be a person holding a squash racquet. Solder is so cool!! I like how it melts on the table

Graphic Novel

For the past month or three weeks, we have been working on graphic novels. Since I am a huge nerd I loved this unit I always wanted to make comics growing up with my dad’s comics and the Simpsons so now I had an excuse to write comics or graphic novels. So me and my partner Max a novel called Meeseeks rising. It is about a monkey going through jobs and ending up being the president. I did most of the illustrations while Max drew some people we are both very proud of our comic. I made my own comic strip called Dem Funniez my first issue is a parody of that scene in the movie seven my next comic will be about baby gifts. THE END



Today during stop motion we started filming the intro intro is really really good and it’s already 10 seconds of them that’s 120 frames. Filming it was hard because we had to figure out how it would come in and what is it and figure out what speed they would come at. but then we fixed it.the end


Today I started my stop motion animation. Before we even started we had problems with the cameras we had this start making the camera angle. We had to tape it on 2 boxes and it kept on fidgeting but we put Post-its on the legs of the table to make it stand. When we started filming we made the transportation title move on to the screen and it looks super duper good, and that’s all I’ve done so far the end.

rube goldberg Project: THE FINAL POST

This post is a summary of everything. During this project, I learned a lot of things I learned that nothing will be completed right away and I learned to use the stuff y0u have. This project was pretty fun. My parents helped me a lot, my parents filmed and helped me set up everything. My sketches were hard to make because I didn’t know what to do.