Music Reflection

dvorak1   One of my pieces sounded like The New World Symphony a little bit. It went great. I like choosing the different instruments. It really sounded real. I did three pieces. It worked. Two of them did not sound like The New World Symphony, and the other one was good. I don’t know if I followed the EKG conversation mode.

My Dvorak inspired music piece

Expert Lecture #5: Jackie Bastardi

industrial-aluminum-foil-roll          Yesterday was expert lecture 5 by Jackie Bastardi from Curious on Hudson. She gave an interesting presentation. She talked about how she is an Engineer and what she does. She said that Engineering requiers a lot of math. She took Physics in High School. Now she works at Curious on Hudson, which is north of the Hastings-On-Hudson train station. They teach creative and engineering classes for kids. One of them was the Harry Potter class. They would come up with new types of Quitich brooms and test them out outside. For the Golden Snitch, someone would dress in yellow and the others would chase him or her. Before Jackie came back to work at Curious on Hudson, she worked at a tinfoil company factory and made big roles of tinfoil and colored tabs that you see on the Laughing Cow cheese products. When the the foil was rolled up, there was a sharp flap that if you did work on the roll, if it cut you, it could give you a bad cut across the arm. That,s why they screwed it onto something to keep it from flapping. The coolest thing she talked about was The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse. The bridge collapsed in 1940 a few months after it was built. It was because the 40 mph winds made the bridge’s structure twist and turn, tearing itself apart in Washington state. She and some other engineers at Curious on Hudson had a thing where they would just take things apart and question how they broke. She also made a solar oven in college and left it out in the sun with bagel bites and some guy came and took the bagel bites while they were cooking. We also made kazoos that had really high pitched sounds to them, but it was really cool and interesting to have Jackie here for the expert lecture. This was a really cool experience.

NEW! Crazy Moments! ( A new series )


About 2 or 3 years ago, me and my family were driving back from Florida, and in the middle of the journey, in, I think, West Virginia, we ran into some traffic. Typical, normal traffic on the highway. Very common. But when we saw the lights from fire engines and police cars, we were more eager to see what was going on up ahead. When we got closer we saw smoke rise up from the island in the middle of the road. There were people and fire trucks spraying water heavily on the almost-drenched-out stray roadside fire. We gasped in horror and in amazement from inside the minivan. It was more like the type of traffic that is like people slow down to look at the situation, or the police have dynamite sticks out to guard the work site, taking away a couple of lanes, increasing the traffic. Either or, the traffic was pretty bad. Once we got clear of all the traffic, we continued on the rest of our 15 hour journey back to Manhattan.