Immigration: Rapping Up

Today my group is supposed to be doing everything to rap up our immigration project. When we got the Mac, it only had 13% left. So we decided to keep going. But in five minutes, Taj came to help us and couldn’t get the images on the green screen. Then a notice came up and said that the computer was at 4%. Oh Well! This was proably because the Mac wasn’t plugged in properly. Next time we will surely get our work done!

So obviousely we had some problems with the computer. But that didn’t stop us! We kept going and the next day, we watched a tutorial video on how to put in the green screen and fixed it. We played around with the commands. It looked great!

Stop Motion Animation Immigration: Part 3

Today we are holding off filming because Lana’s group is filming. But previousely, we filmed scene 6, which was a train dropping people off at the staion. The train spammed to about ten frames, the stopped. Another part was where the immigrants just pop out of the train. PA!

The funniest scene on record was “The Fat Lady” when Jasper put too much tape on a lady who was traveling on the train. When she exited, a man went out and then she came back in and “Opened Up”. The tape unstuck from the cardboard and through each frame,  she got higher and higher until she “Closed”.

Director Krennic Of The Empire

Director Krennic, officer of the death star, looked up at the black stormtrooper amour crew men. The shuttle was about to approach Scarif. As the ship landed on the Emperial landing pad, he got up. He was greeted with many stormtroopers. As he waiked in, a general commander asked of his presence. “I want this whole island sealed off. Now!” Just then thousands of rebellion fighters soared through the open shield gate.

Stop Motion Animation-Immigration

Today my immigration group started filming again. Immigration is our current social studies unit. In immigration, we have to make a stop motion film, where you take pictures and form them into a video. The peak of immigration was from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. So far we have 20 seconds. The first scene was when a boat is coming from the ocean with some immigrants and goes by the statue of liberty. We have a green screen, so we gathered images for it in the editing session. The next scene was when immigrants were popping up all around the city. The last scene we did was when the immigrants were coming around New York- an airial view.

The Region Academy: Season 2: Part 1

Beluga told me that I would slowly go crazy. 30 years later, I didn’t. I find myself working for Guy Tree’. He was in charge of building the new palace for Director Krennic, who is not my real father. Now it is Spring and the Palace is about 1/4 done. The Director visited yesterday. Then he left abruptly.



Previousely on, THE REGION ACADEMY, ” I would be alone. Alone in this crazy world.”

The sadness coming out of me right now was furious. I, had been left alone, in this school I’ve never seen before, with no direction where I should go. The Library, of course. I get to my dorm room. On the bright side, I have a balcony. But on the un-bright side, my room is next to that baby, Darkson. But now, I am afraid. I sheild my face. I don’t want to have a conflict. But I hear thoughts. My attention snaps to someone named Beluga. This school is a sham. I shouldn’t be here. It’s such a waste of time. Why did father send me? To get rid of me? I guess he has some things to do while I am gone that he didn’t want my nose in. This was weird. Why would he think that? Well I guess all the Kings did that, send their kids to the Academy to do some stuff that they don’t want kids to know. First off, I have never read anyone’s mind before. Second, I think it’s because I have magic powers and finally one of them kicked in. But I sense a vision. Something that will happen. The walker will explode. Nah. That won’t happen. The sun is setting and I need something to eat. I make my way down to the snack area. Beluga is there. She looks at me like I’m a rock, with cold, stern eyes. I don’t look back. I get some bacon and take a seat at a middle table. He thinks he can’t hide. Why? Why am I here? I move to her table, weirdly. ” Hello” I say. ” Hi……Are you the Prince of the Ocean Kingdom? ” ” Yes.” I say. ” I Have Powers. Animus Powers.” ” Do you know the secrets of the magic? ” ” No. Why? ” I say. She replies,               ” Because there’s one secret that’s too big to share.”


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When father said I would be going to TRA, I didn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t tell me ANYTHING until we reached Rambana. The Emperial Transporter landed beside a retired AT-AT that was, I guess, supposed to be the Academy. The Walker sat in front of a Takodana-style main hall and entrance. We were the first ones there, besides King Oerta from the Dark Region and his son. I protested against going there, because I have a horrible memory of Dark Region’s King’s son. Darkson and I once had to get along when my father, King Narwal, had a meeting with King Oerta. He got mad that his father was taking so long and ddn’t like me, so he threw a truck at my face. I am a Royal Animus, or a Magic Prince,which hasn’t happened in almost 500 years. Luckily, I was able to stop the oncoming truck and fly it through the roof. So I wasn’t exactly happy sharing a school with him and other possible babies. He was having the same issue. He put on his helmet like he didn’t want to see Oerta’s face anymore. His luggage cart floated along after him.  I left with fury. The headmaster was waiting on the steps of the entry hall and told me to put my luggage cart over to the side of the building. Then It was 02:00, and school started. The ships flew in and I watched My father’s ship dissapear into the mist. I would be alone. Alone in this crazy world.