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Portfolio #3

On my last blog post I talked about our soldering unit. This time I’ll be doing an update on my soldering project. 

I have decided what I’m going to do! I will be doing a basketball, inside the circle, and making it into a bracelet! But this bracelet is not going to be for me… It’s going to be for my cousin, she goes to University Of Vermont, and is on the Basketball team. I barely ever see her anymore, so I’m making her a little something. Just to be sure she remembers me.

Mr. Calvert has given everybody the choice between silver, and gold wire. I chose silver wire, cause I thought it was prettier, and easier to work with. I have started making my basketball, but the first step was two make a circle. The circle seemed easy to make at first… But it was a lot harder then it seemed! (Even though he gave us a tube to wrap the wire around, so it would be easier) Forming the circle shape wasn’t to bad… But actually making the parts of the circle nice and curved, with no bumps in the wire was super hard! Honestly my circle still isn’t perfect, but it still looks pretty good!

Then I had to shape my wire that was going to be the actual basketball. There was one straight line going down the middle, one straight line going straight across, and two slightly curved lines on each side. And then Mr. Calvert gave everyone double sided tape and we stuck that onto paper and put our designs on that so it would all stay together when soldering.

Once I was done with that it was time to actually solder my little piece together. To do that I would go to the soldering table and  Mr. Calvert provided us with a really bendy metal, a soggy sponge, the solderer itself, and a third hand (which I’ll get to later when I get the chance).

I took the solder and held it against my piece in a spot where wires weren’t connected, and I held it there for 10 seconds. Then I kept my solder where it was except I just added the bendy piece of wire, and I put it against the wire, and solderer, and when it melted the bendy wire.

Once I was done with that process my piece was finished! And it was ready to give to my cousin!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned to see what I do next!

Portfolio #2

    On my last blog I talked about some of the safety rules, and some other things, and now I’ll be talking about soldering.

    Soldering is like melting meddle. It is SUPER hot, and if you touch it, it will burn! Which is why you must be super careful with it, going back to the topic of safety that I discussed last time.

    What we have been doing is designing a sketch and we will be using wire and creating a small design with it. But that’s not all! There are some rules to think about that will make the design process a little harder then it already seems… Number one is, we are only allowed to use five (max) pieces of wire. And we have to make this inside of a small circle! For me this is going to be a challenge because I have a lot of designs that would be so cool but there would have to be more then five wires. Also I had some ideas that would’ve been sick! But they have to stay inside the circle which is making it a lot harder then it needs to be. 

    Everyone made sketches and everyone has picked one of their sketches/designs to make for this soldering project. But on the other hand, there’s me who has no idea of what to do! The thing is I have made lots of designs but I have some good ones that I’m deciding on.

    Oh, and trust me there’s more to it then just that! We will also be making them into things! For example, a necklace, bracelet, key chain, earrings, and many more! I think I have decided that I am going to make mine into a bracelet. Also we will not just be making them for our selves! We will be making them for the world! What I mean by this is, we will be selling all of the things students soldered, and we will be raising the money for charity. We will be voting on charities but we haven’t really been discussing that to much.

    I hope you enjoyed my blog post, and come check out some that I’ll be uploading soon!


Portfolio Post #1

For my quarterly I got technology. So far It has been pretty good, and also fun!

What we have learned so far is how to stay safe when your using any of the materials used to build/create things. For example, there are 12, “SMS Technology Safety Rules”. A few rules out of the 12 are things like, “Don’t assume you know training before tools” or, “Before using a machine get instruction, get permission, inspect machine”. Because you always, and I mean always want to be safe before using a machine!

Another thing I learned is to work together to solve something. For example we played a game called breakout. Breakout was a team game, and to win you had to find clues to unlock a box and whichever team unlocks the box first wins! But unfortunately no team won, because we couldn’t unlock the box on time.

I’ll give you an update soon as possible, until next time! BYE!