My Constitution Project

In my classroom we have been learning about the Constitutional Era. About a week ago we began a Constitution Project. There were two dice with different categories. One had things like documents, art, people, places and events on the sides. The other one had things like WeVideo, Padlet, Social Media, Explain Everything, and Design Something. I got Documents and Social Media. That meant my project would be about documents from the Constitutional Era in the form of some kind of social media.

I though for a while and then I remember a video I had see on YouTube. In there was a fake texting story. That was how I thought of my project. I downloaded a few apps on my phone and began to text it out on my favorite one. Soon I had everything designed and I was ready to start my first draft. I had decided to my a story for the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I made my stories and once they were done I read them over. The next day I read them over again, fixing any problems I found. I did this for a few days. Finally when I thought I was done, I created a video of each story. But then I began to wonder were was I going to present my videos. So I made a slideshow and put a video on each slide. Finally, finished with my project, I showed it to my teacher. She loved it! I can’t wait to present!

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