In class we are making switches. A switch is something that makes something light up in our case a LED lights. We have to try to make a switch where tinfoil touches tinfoil for my switch I used the materials:

1. rubber bands

2. hot glue

3. tinfoil

4. cardboard

5. glitter/rhinestones

I think that this was defiantly my favorite project.




Solder pieces

In class we are making solder pieces. The first step  to make a design my design was on the ice cream cone then the second step is to make the circle and the third step is to put all the wires together on the circle and the fourth step is to solder solder is an 800% hot machine that glues wire and solder together.  I loved this project.

Periodic Table

We learned about the periodic table today. You are probably thinking what the heck is the periodic table, well the periodic table is a table that helps scientists explore the different types of solids, gases and liquids such as: oxygen, titanium and many others. There are many different things you can do with the periodic table. The things that the periodic table helps the most are solving problems that involve space, people and technology.


An Atom is a small molecule like a blueberry, they surround you everywhere. Today in class we talked about atoms mr.Calvert said “an atom is just like a blueberry, and a grapefruit is earth”. I think that mr.Calvert said this to explain a fun way to talk about atoms he said that “Atoms are made of three things protons,neutrons and electrons”. Another fact is that an is the smallest element on the periodic table.


A few days ago we did something called Breakout. Breakout is a test or a game where you try to open a box with three locks it is challenging but are team won, on my team there was Noah, Natalia, Drew, Hugo, Cianna, Sophie, Jack, Ben and Sophie. Breakout is a hard puzzle but not impossible we first did the word code, the code was FIRST we then did the number code and then another word code. Breakout was fun and I am sad that it is over.

Main inquiry question #5

Have you ever wondered how vet surgeries are done? Or how vet surgeries have  changed and improved over the years? You may not know it, but there have been many good changes in vet surgery that have helped and saved animals lives. How has veterinary surgery changed and improved over the years, specifically, the changes in materials and procedures?  There are many advances in techniques, materials, technology and medicine in the field of vet surgery.  Today I will be talking about my main inquiry question:


The Experience of Vet Surgeons

Vet surgeons have to be experienced and of course they have to be good with their hands. They have to be fully ready for what’s coming. They also have to be calm because if you are doing a life threatening surgery then you have to be calm and careful because if you are shaky you might hurt yourself or the patient. Also they have to check what they have done multiple times to make sure it is right and perfect. They have to make sure that the animal that they are working on will not feel pain. They have to make sure that the animal does not lick the place where they had surgery. The most important thing is that vet surgeons do not leave something in the animal while they are doing the surgery. The goal of surgery is to make the animal feel better and in some cases to “fix the animal.”  According to Dr. Nance (the person I interviewed) vets do surgeries quickly, and are very strict in the vet hospital where they work. Also, vets are continuing to research animals and their diseases. According to my research the most deadly condition for animals is Ebola. This condition is mostly harming great apes but also humans. The condition on the apes is very harmful, they have not found this cure yet but scientists never stop studying and trying to find a new cure for any disease.



The materials are different now because they are more modern than the ones back in the day. The medicine is different because they cure the patient more quickly although the patients had much more pain back in the day because it hurt so much. Vet   surgeons also used to not have computers. According to A.K.C Canine Health Foundation “They are treating some dogs with laser surgery.” I think this is a very big improvement because back then vet surgeons gave the animal they were treating a very big scar because they made their holes gigantic instead of a tiny place where they did the surgery was. I think that laser surgery could be helpful because it would give the animal less pain. In my opinion this is really important because if the dog is feeling pain it could hurt the dog or send it in to shock. This could kill the dog immediately if it is not asleep.


Now let’s talk about the procedures, which used to harm the animals.  

This is true because animals are having to go through the harsh times of being ill and not well. This is very important because animals should not have to suffer pain and death, when for humans they can just take an advil. To stop this problem we have to expand the research, medicine and most importantly the procedures. Animals have to deal with an appendix. In a human this is really a simple surgery that is not hard or deadly. On the other hand animals and pets a very different. This surgery used to be very uncommon and even not available for many pets in the world. But now this procedure is more available for pets.



Also, anesthesia for animals going through surgery has improved. Vet surgeons used to inject dogs and cats with a drug. But now animals get treated with anesthesia in a more similar way that they treat humans with. When animals are anxious they give them tranquilizer and sedatives. This is important because animals are being treated better, more like how humans are treated and this is good because humans are cared about more and this means that animals and people get the same treatment and so now the both veterinarians and doctors have the same treatment or (procedures). I think this is more fair because in my opinion we all should have the same medicine animals are just like people just with four legs. Another procedure that has changed over time is the X-ray, so X-ray pictures used to be taken in dark rooms using chemicals. Now, the pictures are taken using computers. They changed it because they wanted more modern and sophisticated  technology. Also ultrasound images have become higher quality due to technology. Finally CAT scans and MRIs which take photos of inside the body are now used regularly in vet surgery.


In conclusion, the materials and procedures of vet surgery have become more sophisticated and more modern, which means that animals are being treated better and more like humans. Now animals feel less pain when they go through surgery. Don’t forget that dogs and cats are intelligent and have emotions and so should be treated with the best technology available.   


blog post #2 main inquiry question and sub questions

For capstone I know I talked about it in my first blog post but I finally chose My main inquiry question! It is “How has veterinary surgery changed and improved over the years”?  I chose this main inquiry question because I thought I would get lots of information from it and I am interested in it. Actually in the middle of the process I thought about changing my capstone topic in general to prosthetics for dogs but then I noticed that I did not have a lot of information and I also thought that It would be a more fun experience if I did it on something I knew more about.  


For my sub questions I had to do something that was in the same zone or vibe as my main inquiry questions. We have to have 5 or 6 sub questions and 1 main inquiry question. Our sub questions are not our interview questions, they are questions to ask ourself as we get our research. My sub questions are:

  • What is the history of veterinary medicine and surgeries?
  • What are the requirements/training involved with becoming a veterinary surgeon?
  • What specialties have emerged and contributed to better practices?
  • What are the most common vet surgery procedures?
  • How did technology change veterinary surgery?
  • What future technology inventions could be a big breakthrough for animal surgery?
  • In all, my project was very fun. I have to say in my opinion the sub questions are easier to find in fact I’m pretty sure finding my main inquiry question is the hardest part of the project! This part of the project was my favorite and I will be back soon with my 3rd capstone blog post bye.






The visit #4

For my site visit, as you guys will probably know from my 3rd blog post, “difficulties #3”  I went to the vet hospital where I interviewed Dr. Nance and she showed me two surgeries of dog spay and neuter.  THe vet hospital is called the GUiding Eye Center and they specialize in guiding eye dogs for the blind. We took lots of photos and asked her questions like “why did you want to become a Veterinary surgeon?” and “how many years you have to be in training to become a Veterinary surgeon?” My favorite part of my site visit was seeing all the dogs and seeing Dr. Nance do a dog spay.

The dog spay was very interesting and we had to wear face masks and caps to make sure we didn’t breathe or get anything on the dog.  We weren’t allowed to touch anything so we just took photos and looked at the amazing sight. There were three of dogs that were about to get surgery. There adopters or owners were there too.

Dr. Nance was not a specialized Veterinary surgeon; she had a general surgeon degree.  General surgery requires 4 years of bachelors school and 4 years of vet school. To be a board certified vet specialist, the doctor needs to go back to school for another year, then intern for a few years in their area of specialty.

Dr. Nance has been working as a vet for 17 years. She started her career as a vet in farm and large animals, like cows, sheep, and goats.  Now, she only sees “guided dogs” which are usually shepherds and labradors.

The surgery rooms were fairly small and I was very surprised about the size of the vet hospital.  Also, they 2 cats walking around the hospital. One was called ‘Gomez.”

Overall, I had a very good site visit, I learned a lot.  I want to thank Dr. Nance and all the dogs and doctors at the Guiding Eye Center.

kindness week

This week it was a very special week. I was kindness week! Kindness week is a challange to see how many kind things you can do such as : smiling at 25 people or slipping a nice note into a friends backpack or locker

During kindness week I said hi to 25 people and and I complemented a friends sibiling about how they were amazing at art. he was very happy when he heard that I also helped the P.E teachrer mr.borgia with the P.E class equitment during battle ship.  I just want to say, “If you have the choice from being kind and being right choose right.

MLK ( Martin Luther King) blog post

The Martin Luther King jr. timeline project was a very fun and cool experience. My favorite part was inserting all the photos on to my google drawing. I used Brain pop and google to get most of my information. And the Thing That I especially loved was researching about all the incredible things that Martin did such as how he lead the bus boycott in 1955 and how he gave his inspirational “I HAVE A DREAM” speech in 1964 other then that this project has been increased inspirational and I am so happy I got to do this.


here is the link to my timelines