Capstone – Site Visit – #4

Hello and welcome back to Samara’s world, today I’m going to talk about Capstone. In my capstone we all have to get a site visit and that’s what I’m to talk about.

I went to a place where they do hearing also we’re like audiologist work and everything and I went to their office and it was really fun. I thought that it was really cool to see what kids do, what kids work with, and what they work with in a classroom and find out some cool information.

I took pictures and got Pamphlet.

Next answering inquiry main question (Capstone)

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Capstone – Interview – #3

Hello and welcome back to Samara’s world, today I’m going to talk about Capstone. In my capstone we all have to get a interview and that’s what I’m to talk about.

I interviewed Ms.G. It was fun, one reason why it was fun is because I knew her and the second reason is I knew her, she used to work with my mom and she works with me now. The hardest part about interviewing someone is, you don’t know who the person is or anything, but for me it was easy.

I asked her question like, how long have you been work?, what is your favorite part and more.

I also learned a lot more than I needed and that was perfect.

That is it.

Next site visit (Capstone)

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Capstone – Questions – #2

Hello and welcome back to Samaraś world, Today Iḿ going to continue talking about capstone. For capstone we need so many thing like a main question and sub question. Now what are main and sub question, a main question is a question that you have to study my topic is assistive technology and my main question is How have the design and function of assistive technology changed over time? A sub question is like your main question but split up. For sub questions you have to have 5 or more, I have 7 but maybe using 5. My sub question are What is assistive technology? How has access to this tech changed? How have people’s views of assistive technology changed over time? How many people use assistive technology in their daily life changed?How was assistive technology created?What part of assistive technology have changed?Once you use assistive technology does it change your daily life? 

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Capstone – Topic – #1

Hello! Welcome back to Samara’s blog to we are going to be talking about the best project ever in 5th grade, capstone.

I am the most excited for capstone, Why??? Well I have know what I wanted to do since forever and then when I heard that capstone was here I was the happiest.  

If you don’t know what capstone is it is a project that you research a lot on. For capstone you can get inervives with anyone who knows something about your topic or used it before.

What I’m I doing for capstone. I am doing assistive technology if you don’t know what those are well I’m going to be blogging about it so make sure to come back.

My second topic is Dyslexia I have a second topic because if hearing aids doesn’t go well I always will have dyslexic.

I chose both of these topics because I use assistive technology in school and I have dyslexia.