Thinking About Rights

  • What rights do you think you should have and why do you think you should have these rights? 
  • Which rights do you consider the most important? 
  • Do you think people everywhere should have these rights?  Explain why or why not? 

37 thoughts on “Thinking About Rights

    • I don’t agree sometimes freedom in religion can cause problems. Sometimes, religions can cause murder. I think that freely practicing law should be prohibited

        • No you shouldn’t be publicly practicing religion, if your Muslim go in a mosque, if your christian go in a church. Some people just go on the street and start to pray. That should be banned

  1. I think that we should have a right to live,be free(unless you are a criminal that has done a serious crime) and the right of happiness.

  2. I think people have the right to freedom (criminals most likely do not), an education, to vote, the right to happiness and to practice their own religon.

  3. We should have the rights of no slavery. We should have the rights of no segregation. We should have freedom of speech.

    Not everybody should have rights. If you killed someone you can never have equal rights. There is a mom out there who does not have her child. To feel that pain that the mom has is horrible, the murderer should not have equal rights.

  4. People should have free speech and the write to be whatever they want but only good people should have rights because if they are bad they can do the bad stuff again

  5. The rights we should have are: The right to freedom\ life , The right to have happiness, The right to have education, The right to vote, The right to property, And the right to be free speech.

  6. We should have the right of happines because
    everyone should have a good life and not be discourged.

    We should have the right of freedom because no one should have to be owned by some one else.

  7. I think we should have the right to education and right to freedom. And I also think criminals should be given a second chance to have equal rights if they behave well.

  8. I think most people should have these rights because if they are bad the shouldn’t but if they are kind and have no violence in there past they should have rights.

  9. I think we all should have the right to have an opinion, without worrying that someone will reject it. And I agree about the rights of speech, freedom, life, happiness, and property, but I do have my issues with the right to bear arms because people shouldn’t be allowed to run around shooting people. I think the most important rights are: the right to pursue happiness, the right to live/have freedom, and to have an opinion. And I think everyone should have these rights, but not everyone should have the right to bear arms.

  10. I think that I should have the right to be happy, the right to say what I want to say, the right of education, and the right of freedom.

    I think the most important rights are freedom, education, and saying what I want to say.

    I think it depends because if you are a criminal and you did something really bad you should have limited rights. But if you are poor and that is why you comited that crime they should be forgived.

  11. I think one of the most important rights the that we have are freedom, freedom of religion, and freedom of life. I also think those ate the most important and everyone should have them.

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