Turkey/Syria Earthquake

Turkey Earthquake rubbleTurkey and Syria were hit with massive earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.8. Take a look at this news story to learn more about this event.  Then in this blog post, click Leave a Comment and respond to these two prompts:

  1. Share one fact that you have learned about this story or earthquakes in general.
  2. Share one thing that you are wondering.

Remote Learning Wonderings

remote learningFor the last two years, schools have experienced remote learning for some or all students at a time. We’d like to know what you think of classroom learning, when it’s online.

Use the Comment space below to tell us what you think are some of the pros/cons of “distance learning”? How can this type of learning be improved to make it work better for you as a learner? Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

My Poem: What Is The Rain

What Is the Rain?


The Rain is a million bullets, raining down on the cold, hard earth

The Rain is a sad song, sung in a chorus

The Rain is a reminder of everything terrible you have done

The Rain is a colored pencil eraser, draining the color from the world

The rain are tears from the sky, making it miserable for all