14 thoughts on “Boilerplate’s Authenticity

  1. My Guy Paul Guinan created a fake soldier who met real people with lots of music, so people thought it was interesting and they believed it.

  2. Boilerplate seems real because many images of shoes seems real. It also shows what Boilerplate did and when. It includes many “facts” about Boilerplate.

  3. Boilerplate looks real. But it is not real because all the sites I go to it says boilerplate is a fictional character.

  4. Boilerplate seemed real because in the trailer, the animator added black and white pictures, which made it seem that it was from a long time ago. All the other visuals were paintings, which meant that at the time Boilerplate was created, one of the only other options other than black and white photos were paintings.

  5. I think that in the Boilerplate trailer video, Boilerplate seemed real because he was standing with other people and all the pictures and effects make it seem very real, like Boilerplate actually existed outside of the book. Also, the colors make it look better and more real in the video.

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