Remote Learning Wonderings

remote learningFor the last two years, schools have experienced remote learning for some or all students at a time. We’d like to know what you think of classroom learning, when it’s online.

Use the Comment space below to tell us what you think are some of the pros/cons of “distance learning”? How can this type of learning be improved to make it work better for you as a learner? Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

33 thoughts on “Remote Learning Wonderings

  1. I think that a pro for remote learning is, that when your done, you could do whatever you want, a con is, your not able to see your friends, and it feels like they are in a different country

  2. I do not like remote learning but I think it would be easier if we did the whole entire class instead of cohort A and cohort B

  3. What I think about online learning is that I would definitely prefer in school. I think this because I like being at school, getting to see my teacher and friends in person. I also like being interactive instead of staring at the screen all day.

  4. I think that one con of online learning is that you cant see people and it is harder to learn so you don’t get as good of an education, and if there is a snow day all you do is zoom. A few pros of zoom are that you can eat on zoom, an you can have more time to play. Also you can have a better lunch.

  5. Remote learning is not helpful for a lot of reasons. One reason is that zoom sometimes can be hard to understand or can lag a lot. I’ve been confused and missed zooms before, and it’s not fun. My second reason is that it is hard to focus when you’re not actually with your teacher. It’s easy to get distracted from your work. Third, sometimes remote learning can mess up you or your parent’s schedueles. Parents may not be prepared to have their kids at home all day.

  6. Remote learning is helpful and useful during a stressful time. For example during covid it was useful because we could learn from home.

  7. Distance learning has many pros and cons. Here are some. A pro is that when you stay at home to do distance learning, you can feel more comfortable than you would feel at school. A con is that it would be annoying because you can’t see your friends, and sometimes the internet quality can be a problem.

  8. If you do distance learning it is really hard to be staring at screens all the time, and it is really bad for your eyes. Also, we won’t get to see our friends in person! I really DO NOT like distance learning!

  9. I personally don’t like remote learning. After staring at a screen for so ling, my eyes hurt, and my brain as well. What do you guys think?

  10. I think that a con would be looking on a screen all-day and a pro is it would help prevent covid-19 another con is that sometimes zoom glitches which makes it hard to learn online.

  11. in my opinion, I do not like online learning, the connection is always bad and you have to stay in the class for a while, also you can’t just get up to get something like in a normal class. There are some good things in online learning like you can eat snacks when you are hungry and it is fun to set everything up.

  12. Remote learning is helpful and useful during a stressful time. For example during covid it was useful because we could learn from home. -Henry F

  13. Personally, I do not like online learning. Online learning is bad because you might get tired because of your computer. Online learning is good because you get more breaks than when you are in person.

  14. Some pros for distant learning is that distant learning can keep us safe and you can spend more time with your family. Some cons for distant learning are that it is more difficult to learn, it can harm your eyes if you stare at a screen for a long time, and it can be distracting.

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