Living in a Remix Culture

film reelToday we looked at some examples of remixed media. Some day YOU will publish original media content on the Internet, whether it’s a movie script, song, video, etc.

How would you feel if your fans remixed your work into something new?
What would you want them to do to show respect for your rights as a content creator?

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Scratch is a coding program. It is really fun and you can create lots of games and stories. In scratch you connect blocks to make a code. Some games that you can create are arrow games, clicker games, and pong games. you can even create a song! With a makey makey you can bring your scratch projects to life. I created a soccer game with scratch over our “break”

What might happen if there were no rules, laws or government?

Imagine that you live on an island far away.  There are no rules, no laws, and no government.  There is no one to tell you what to do.  Answer the following questions.  Be prepared to share your ideas with our class.

  1. Would anyone have the right to govern you? Would you have the right to govern anyone else?Why?
  2. Would you have any rights? What might they be?
  3. What might people who were smarter or stronger than others try to do? Why?
  4. What might people who were not as smart as others or who were weaker than others try to do? Why?
  5. What might life be like for you, your family and everyone else in a state of nature?


Last week we started a project and we had to draw our design for a pendant. We drew the project on an app called vectornator. It took so many tries and classes that I almost gave up. But thee next day, My friend Daniel told me that I can draw straight lines. Then it took me a few tries, but I finally got it.

How does one stop the virus of cyber bullying?

One stops the virus of cyber bullying by simply standing up for the victim. It is extremely difficult for the victim to just ignore all of the insults or just stop and defeat the virus by his/her own, and that’s why we need and crowd of people to defeat the virus. One way of doing this is by making the victim feel good about him/herself. You can do this by just putting a single post complimenting the person on how nice they are, how smart they are, or anything else that makes the victim feel good about them self. That will then make people who are too shy to stand up for them self,  stand up for them self. That will also persuade people that are hurting the victim change their mind, and realize what they did and how mean they were. They can then join the victims team and then defeat the virus.Ultimately, big things start out as  little things. One little  post can stop an entire virus.

Why does the PSA video producer compare cyberbullying to a virus?

The PSA video producer compares cyber bullying to a virus because a virus can be spread easily, effectively,  etc. Cyber bullying, can also be spread easily and effectively. As soon as one person posts a comment on social media, mail, text message, or any other way of communicating online, other people will start joining in, and the victim the virus is effecting is weaker and weaker, meanwhile on the other hand, the virus is more and more powerful. This makes it hard for the victim to concentrate in school, home, or anywhere else. But you can stop cyber bullying. It all starts with just one little post, to defeat an entire virus.