Living in a Remix Culture

film reelToday we looked at some examples of remixed media. Some day YOU will publish original media content on the Internet, whether it’s a movie script, song, video, etc.

How would you feel if your fans remixed your work into something new?
What would you want them to do to show respect for your rights as a content creator?

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7 thoughts on “Living in a Remix Culture

  1. Heyyy….
    Lola here!
    I would not really like if someone were to use my work, but if they did…
    I would definitely want them to give me credit.

    • I agree, Lola. If someone were to use my work, I would hope that they would give me credit. I think it would be a compliment that they liked it enough to use it, but I think it is important for them to recognize that it did not belong to them.

  2. I would feel ok if my fans remixed my work into something new as long as they credit. I would just want them to write something like: Sound (Or anything I do like sound or a video or a picture I’m just using sound as an example) by Emma Yang, something like. that.

  3. Hi, it’s Nathan N.
    I’d like it if someone used my work (Only if it wasn’t super cringe)
    But I’d really want them to put credit

  4. Hello!
    i would love if someone made a remix out of my music but there would be some rules.
    they would have to give me credit and say “blah blah blah by Brooke O’Grady remix.” something like that 🙂

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