How does one stop the virus of cyber bullying?

One stops the virus of cyber bullying by simply standing up for the victim. It is extremely difficult for the victim to just ignore all of the insults or just stop and defeat the virus by his/her own, and that’s why we need and crowd of people to defeat the virus. One way of doing this is by making the victim feel good about him/herself. You can do this by just putting a single post complimenting the person on how nice they are, how smart they are, or anything else that makes the victim feel good about them self. That will then make people who are too shy to stand up for them self,  stand up for them self. That will also persuade people that are hurting the victim change their mind, and realize what they did and how mean they were. They can then join the victims team and then defeat the virus.Ultimately, big things start out as  little things. One little  post can stop an entire virus.

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