March 29

Land of Stories – Worlds Collide – Reading Essay

The Land of Stories : Worlds Collide, by Chris Colfer it is about Alex and Conner. Their grandmother is the fairy godmother from Cinderella.  Their grandmother died in book three: A grimm warning. Alex became fairy godmother. She had a little problem controlling her emotions thanks to her uncle who Alex thought was her dad till her grandmother’s soul showed her.An evil witch called Mornia, The Snow Queen and the Sea Witch put a spell on Alex which makes her evil and even more powerful. Conner and his literature friends from his stories, Bree Campbell from the otherworld / human world and his fairytale friends Queen Red, Goldilocks, Jack, the fairy council (Tangerina, Violetta, Skylene,Coral, Rosette, Xanotus, Emeralda and Mother Goose who is not a goose!!!). Bree finds out she is related to the sisters grimm in book three. In that book Cornelia Grimm tells Bree that the worlds would collide and a portal would appear in New York. That happened exactly in book six.

Alex had no friends before she went into the fairytale book. She was shy. But when she went she fell into the book with Conner she was courageous. But in book four she is concerned about people/ kind hearted. For example when Rook saved Alex from dying it said in the book: The farmers son didn’t move, and Alex realized that her worst nightmare had come true: Someone she loved had been hurt. A tsunami of emotions rushed through her body, and the witches curse returned. That shows that Alex cares for people she loves like Rook. Alex changed by being fierce and destructive. She changed because she got a spelled by Mornia. The book takes place in New York.

I think that the author’s message is that you are not always what you think you are/don’t judge a book by it’s cover. For example Alex didn’t think she very powerful. But she is very powerful. That is why she destroyed a lot of New York even though the spell helped her a little. Some questions and ideas I had when I was reading were, they could do this or this, (idea). The author put a flashback. The whole story was a flashback except the first little part and the last part is not a flashback. This story takes place in New York. I do not remember when I finished this book but I really like this book. I like it because it has twins that are adventurous who go in to fairytales and I like fairytales. I think the author did well in hooking the reader to the book. This book reminds me of my friends and I and all the amazing things we done. I think the author  wants the reader to feel adventurous, daring and free. I really like this book and I would recommend this book to other people.

By the way the links go to a land of stories Wiki so when you go on it you should probably search up all the other characters I mention in my essay. Bye!! 🙂