My trip to Vermont

I spent four days at Vermont to go skiing at Killington/Pico mountain. My family stayed at a hotel called BestWestern star rated 3 and a half. It took about four hours to get to BestWestern, stopping for lunch on the way.

My family had to unload before settling in the hotel, since we could not leave all the luggage in the car. The room was made up of a living room, closets, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom. The bedroom was made up of two queen beds and a TV. The bathroom had a toilet, a sink, and a tub and shower. The living room had a TV, coffee table, and sofa bed. The kitchen had a stove and oven, a fridge and freezer, and a sink and microwave.

The skiing place had many parts. There was lodges, chairlifts, trails, and gondolas. In the morning, there is a lot of people, but the afternoon has not that many. Also, some trails had ice, which can make me fall down. But otherwise the ski trip was fun.

On the way back, my family stopped for dinner in Albany. I got home around 11:00 pm, which is pretty late. But I will not forget the trip.

The adventures by KJS chapter 2 alert

Hello everyone. Chapter 2 takes place in the jungle. But Bad news it is still not analyzed. 🙁

Sorry, but Chapter 2 will be postponed to 2017 due to holiday breaks, lack of internet, bent fan axles, and lots of work. I promise it will come out asap, but analyzing does take a long time.

Chapter 2 will be dedicated to one person. Vote by commenting this video by saying “I vote for _.” Do not vote for yourself. Any votes to yourself will be spammed. The person with the most votes wins. Voting ends at 11:30 am on 12/23/2016. Vote for friends so they vote you back. Goodbye. 😀

All About Chocolate

I really like chocolate. Chocolate is a type of candy that is made from cocoa beans, powdered milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. There are many types of chocolate, such as caramel chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, which is unsweetened, and  hot chocolate drinks. Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes, from big blocks to chocolate chips used in cookies. I like most of them.

First, where did chocolate come from? It came from long ago where cocoa trees grew. Farmers mimiced the ways monkeys ate the cocoa pulps. Later, when Europeans came, they brought it back. It was served as a drink and only the rich could afford it. Then even later, a man named Milton Hershey sold lots of chocolate and was one of the most famous. His plant made and sold a lot of products. He sold Hershey’s bars and kisses.

Chocolate has many ingredients. Of course, there is chocolate liquor and sugar. There is sometimes milk and cocoa butter. The remains squeezed out of chocolate is bitter chocolate. To shape chocolate, you must melt it then shape it using molds the way you want it, such as circle or rectangle. But it is referred as sweet flavor.

I like chocolate because it is sweet and energizes me. The taste also is  great, making it a candy I really enjoy, as I like chocolate ice cream and cakes.

As you can see, I love chocolate, but not all the time. chocolate is sweet, but it is one candy I really like.






















The Adventures by KJS Chapter one: The dungeon

Hello! Here is a you choose story on the computer. Please listen to the instructions to make this way more fun. If you die in the story, start over from the post. Also please give credit to my brothers Jason and Steven, they helped make this. Enjoy!!! 🙂

You find yourself in a dungeon. All you have is a useless pocket knife. There is a door that has an X, and a door that has a check. Which one do you choose?

X: You enter. Spikes shoot at you and you die. Go back to the start.

Check: you go through. It is safe. Move on.

There is a door, wait or enter?

Wait: a ladder falls down. Move on and skip Enter.

Enter: Spikes shoot you. You die. Go back.

There is a suspicion the ladder is bad. Do you climb it or not?

Climb: When you climb up, you see spikes nearly avoiding you. Skip one Paragraph and move on.

Still wait: The door starts rumbling, then spikes shoot out, killing you. Go back.

As you climb up, you see a path. But there is more of the ladder. Which way do you go?

Ladder: As you keep climbing, you hear something. The walls clasp together crushing you. Go back.

Path: The path is safe. Move on.

As you walk, You find a door and some stairs. Which way do you go? The answer decides your fate.

Stairs: It is a dead end. Spikes shoot you and you die. AARGH, so close!!!! Go back.

Door: You see stairs. Move on.

At the top, you escaped the dungeon. To be continued…

Things to know:

KJS stands for Kenneth Jason Steven.

Comment where you think the next setting is.

For chapter 2, all deaths must be analized before posted.

Suggest edits.

Give most credit to Jason, because he is the main author.

Finished book club book

I finished reading “the higher power of lucky”. Now our book club called “The book Wizards” now needs to find another book. Next on the list is “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, but our class only has 2 copies and there is 4 people in the group (me, Harley, Elliott, and Jack M). Lucky us, the school has exactly 2 copies of Wonder.

Expert lecture #4

On 12/14/16, The expert was Ronald’s dad (Junbo). Junbo is a chemical engineer. He does a lot of experiments, and he said only 10% of them succeed. He comes up with solutions how to reduce the waste on Earth. On battleships, they produce a ton of waste each day. But how do you get rid of it if you do not dump it in the ocean?

This comes with super critical fluids. A fluid is super critical when high temperature and pressure go past the critical point, the liquid is super critical. Junbo can be exposed to radiation sometimes. The lab is highly in security for safety reasons. He said some experiments took 24-48 hours. The experiment is to fire a highly voltaged electricity on a seal with water. A laser measures the reaction, and then passes it to a computer. Safety is really important, the computer is activated by the badge the workers wear. Between the computer room and the testing room is 3 thick walls with locked doors on each one.

Junbo is a experimenting chemical engineer that gave us an intro to super critical fluids. This can reduce trash in the ocean and protect our envoironment. We had a good time with Junbo learning about chemicl engineering.

Expert Lecture #3

This time the expert was Rush’s dad, who was visiting on 12/12/16 and talking about the supreme court. He talked about the justices of the court. Rush’s dad is an attorny (lawyer). There are 8 justices in the supreme court. He talked a bit about his and Rush’s connection. He also mentioned that there was a basketball court right above the court. There was no playing allowed when the court was in session. He tried to play whenever he could back then. Rush’s dad passes books about the justices of the court we could read. Then I had realized I was late for LRC and that was the end for me…… He also gave us things of the Constitution.

Stop Motion

I am learning that stop motion is similar to running photos at a constant speed. It takes a long time to shoot and edit to make a professional stop motion animation. I have learned that Legos are a form of a stop motion, and there are other types of stop motion you can make. To make a good stop motion, you should not shake the camera so it would look like an earthquake in the animation. Each second in an animation has about twelve frames. You may not notice anything in the background, to make the animation look cooler like a professional one.

Social issues book clubs

On 12/5/16, we started our first official meeting for our social issues book clubs. My partners are Jack M, Elliott, and Harley. Our book we are reading is “the higher power of lucky”(no capitals) by Susan Patron. We already read two chapters in the book. Most social issues books are fiction. There are themes. We are awarded for how our tables are cleaned. We are required to jot about the books we are reading.We jot on our books, we are supposed to jot every five pages. Each person has a choice to jot on a post-it, or jot on their reading notebook. In our group, we read two chapters and at home three chapters. On the post-its, we put on the page number.