My trip to Vermont

I spent four days at Vermont to go skiing at Killington/Pico mountain. My family stayed at a hotel called BestWestern star rated 3 and a half. It took about four hours to get to BestWestern, stopping for lunch on the way.

My family had to unload before settling in the hotel, since we could not leave all the luggage in the car. The room was made up of a living room, closets, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom. The bedroom was made up of two queen beds and a TV. The bathroom had a toilet, a sink, and a tub and shower. The living room had a TV, coffee table, and sofa bed. The kitchen had a stove and oven, a fridge and freezer, and a sink and microwave.

The skiing place had many parts. There was lodges, chairlifts, trails, and gondolas. In the morning, there is a lot of people, but the afternoon has not that many. Also, some trails had ice, which can make me fall down. But otherwise the ski trip was fun.

On the way back, my family stopped for dinner in Albany. I got home around 11:00 pm, which is pretty late. But I will not forget the trip.

All About Chocolate

I really like chocolate. Chocolate is a type of candy that is made from cocoa beans, powdered milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. There are many types of chocolate, such as caramel chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, which is unsweetened, and  hot chocolate drinks. Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes, from big blocks to chocolate chips used in cookies. I like most of them.

First, where did chocolate come from? It came from long ago where cocoa trees grew. Farmers mimiced the ways monkeys ate the cocoa pulps. Later, when Europeans came, they brought it back. It was served as a drink and only the rich could afford it. Then even later, a man named Milton Hershey sold lots of chocolate and was one of the most famous. His plant made and sold a lot of products. He sold Hershey’s bars and kisses.

Chocolate has many ingredients. Of course, there is chocolate liquor and sugar. There is sometimes milk and cocoa butter. The remains squeezed out of chocolate is bitter chocolate. To shape chocolate, you must melt it then shape it using molds the way you want it, such as circle or rectangle. But it is referred as sweet flavor.

I like chocolate because it is sweet and energizes me. The taste also is  great, making it a candy I really enjoy, as I like chocolate ice cream and cakes.

As you can see, I love chocolate, but not all the time. chocolate is sweet, but it is one candy I really like.