Using A Sphero

Today we got to play with a robot called Sphero it was so much fun.At first it was a little confusing but then I got the hang of it.We needed to share a sphero with someone and I was a partner with Bryan.Miss.Pavia gave us a iPad.In the iPad there is an app that is all about the sphero.Me and Bryan took turns and we controlled the sphero it was so much fun.After we had some fun with the sphero Miss.Pavia and Miss.edwerds gave us a task that we had to make the sphero make a square with out us controlling it.It was hard and complicated because we had to control the speed and how far we wanted the sphero to go.Overall i really liked the sphero and I hope we  can use it again.

One thought on “Using A Sphero

  1. I like how you put in what was difficult and what you liked about using the sphero. I think you could talk about how you and your partner worked together.

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