Martin Luther King Jr.

Today I read the ” I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King jr. and I was asked if what Martin Luther King jr. said in the speech “I  have a dream” realized and what I think is that most of what he said was realized but sometimes people don’t treat black people the same way they treat white people.Black people go to the same school  as white people they also play together and they all go to the same bathroom but some people still treat black people different.

What Martin Luther King jr. said in the speech “i have a dream” has been realized because along time ago there were colored bathrooms and there also were colored schools there were colored tables.But now there aren’t colored tables and there also has been a marked skin president because  Martin Luther King Jr. made it possible.

But not everything has changed because of Martin Luther King Jr. As I said some people still don’t treat black people equally.Some people still think that black people shouldn’t have the same rights as white people.For example some people don’t get good jobs because of his/her skin tone or they don’t get the same respect for there skin tone.


3 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. I liked how you said it was unfair that people were treated differently. I would be a bit more clear and check if what you wrote made sence.

  2. I like your post but this sentence doesn’t make sense,”there also has been a marked skin president because Martin Luther King Jr. made it possible”. Maybe make this more clear.

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