Ed Camp reflection Part 2

Today 21/6/18 we saw another series of ed camp talks and the first one I  saw  was Josh Lamberg. He talked about his experience playing baseball. He also talked about how you can set different goals for yourself and how it can effect you in a good way. He said to make a game out of what your doing and then set rules for yourself and how it can help you if for example if you’re playing baseball and you need to shovel the driveway how can you get it done and maybe get your hands stronger because having strong strong hands can make you a better baseball player. The second person I saw was Adam Etra and he talked about real estate investments and how you can make good investment and how you can be logical with them. we used pretend hotels as examples and we named characteristics of each and we guessed which one made the most money and decided which one we would invest in. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.