Only One You- Book Response

Everyday you think of, remind yourself that there is only one you and will always be that way.The book One Only You by Linda Kranz  reminds me of the song Heal The World written by Michael Jackson. A conformist means that you do whatever anyone else is doing. On the other hand, it can be a good thing as people can help you to stop you doing the bad thing. A non-comformist is a person that follows their own path which sometimes can be the wrong thing.This books mean to me that you follow your heart and your own path but that does not mean you go off and do the wrong thing. Just because other people go one way does not mean you must follow them. Always do what you truly want and always do the right thing. Always do what you thing is right.


There is only one you, always.

Relax and reflect, everyday you can.

Follow your own path, with art.

Liv and Maddie

One usual night, I was just sitting around and searching my tablet to find something interested. I searched and I searched feeling bored. A part of me was saying just shut my tablet and go do something that is more entertaining. All of a sudden, I just remembered something, one of my friends at school told me to watch a certain type of movie……

Liv and Maddie! I searched my tablet for that specific movie like my life depended on it. Just saying, I love watching my tablet and movies and practically anything I can do on my tablet. I was breathing so deeply that everyone in the room was staring at me and making faces. I started saying to myself this show is probably not even on netflix. It was like a bright light showed, I saw Liv and Maddie on Netflix.