March Madness Final Four

Final Four

As you may know, there has been a college basketball tournament going on called March Madness. It has come down to four teams, Michigan, Loyola, Kansas and Villanova. Teams have been eliminated along the way. The tournament starts with 68 teams! It’s amazing to think it has narrowed down to 4 teams! Michigan is playing Loyola, and Kansas is playing Villanova. Many crazy fans have attended several games. People create brackets for the tournament and it gets emotional. After many games, players end up crying, and the other team ends up jumping on top of each other. People in the crowd watching and get into arguments about the game. For example, people in the stands tend to like opposing teams, so they get into yelling fights saying stuff like, “You’re team is horrible!” Or insults about what the person is wearing for the team like, “Your jacket is ugly!” There is also stuff they say that I won’t repeat. Thank you for reading! Comment who you’re rooting for!

picture of last year win! University of North Carolina celebration.

Zany Olympics!

Zany Olympics

Every year the fifth graders have a little team competition. It’s called the Zany Olympics. The Zany Olympics is little team competitions and our grade groups up into teams. The PTA runs it. It was supposed to be Wednesday, March 21, 2018, but, a winter storm hit. So, it was postponed to this Wednesday, March, 28.   The storm even canceled school! And then we had no school on Thursday because of teacher conferences. Thanks for reading this little pop up!

Super Cheesy Jokes

Here are some SUPER cheesy jokes:


  • What the strongest days?

Saturday and Sunday. All the others are weak days.

  • What is the noisiest sport?

Tennis. The players are always raising a racket.

  • Why did Bob name his dog Tick-Tock?

Because his dog was a watch dog.

  • What is the longest word?

Smiles. There is a mile between the two s’s.

  • Why can’t a person’s hands be longer than 11 inches?

Because they would be a foot.

School Current Events!

Do you know what’s going on in your school? Well I’m going to tell you anyway!

One important issue is the State Test drawing near for grades 3-5! The State Test worries us all, but teacher Ms. Lian tells her class while prepping for the infamous 2-text question that, “The State Test is nothing to worry about,” because she pushes us harder than that test ever will every day. Ms. Lian is a great teacher for pushing us so hard every single day! Thank You Ms. Lian!

Another current event coming up is the high school carnival!! It’s a really fun event to go to with  your friends and/or family! There isn’t much to say about it; it’s pretty self explanatory.

The last thing is the concert. I refuse to give that much information but, I will give one word : Green.

Lego Drive

As most of you may know, our school is doing a Lego drive. These Legos are for girls and boys just like us, but they have cancer. The more legos we donate to them, the more children made happy. So can we all contribute new boxes of Legos? I don’t know, that’s something that we all have to show ourselves. Can you give one set of new Legos? That’s something that we have to decide ourselves. If you can- AMAZING.

Some background on this drive…our friend Paulie Jimenez went to Memorial Sloan Kettering. As a result, we are donating Legos (one of Paulie’s favorite toys)to MSK. This will help take their minds off of anything on their mind, and get excited about legos. The drive is also in memory of Mrs. Leitner.

Eye crafts

Eye crafts are a new really fun art project! It’s a simple, easy, fun, and is very quick. 

What you’ll need:

  • yarn
  • 2 sticks (Popsicle sticks are more easy to use)

here are the instructions from PBS:

Knot the end of the yarn to the sticks, close to the intersection of the sticks. Wrap the yarn around the stick then follow onto the next stick, wrapping it around and continuing on around the cross until the yarn reaches the end and then tie it off. Continue knotting on weaving threads until the sticks are full.

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