Rube Goldberg 4

Olivia came over today. The Rube Goldberg had some flaws in it.. First, we tried different balls and some of them rolled off the open tube. Then some didn’t hit the jenga blocks at all. Then we came to a new solution to try a limited amount of different balls, like a marble, a black ball, two bouncy balls, and two golf balls. Since we didn’t have any eggs either, I got a plasic egg and filled it with change and put it in the ramp. When we tried, again and again the ball didn’t hit the jenga blocks. Then the ball hit it but the jenga blocks didn’t move. ┬áThen we added a basket that was connected to the jenga blocks with a ball and hammer, for two more steps, and also added a Steve toy falling onto the egg which would stay in the bowl. But after we added barriers surrounding the top base of the chute, the ball didn’t work, and a couple of times the ball didn’t hit the hammer. So we had the same tries going the same things wrong until…the ball rolled down and knocked the first few blocks down like before. UUGHHH! I thought it would never work! Now we have at least nine or ten steps, and some success.

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