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Final Reflection of Rocketry

Final Reflection of Rocketry

I really enjoyed the process of Rocketry. Even though it was hard working together, my group and I really enjoyed it. 

Designing and Building was pretty fun. My group likes being creative we liked it a lot. Launching and graphing were cool too! The Launches were intense and exciting. We weren’t very happy about the scores and graphing them down, so we only enjoyed the launching. 

I learned that for rocketry, you have to have the right size nose cone, body, and fins. You also have to have a sturdy nose cone, well-taped body, and well hot-glued fins.

This was my favorite unit I have ever done and I really hope to do something similar to this again. I loved the process of Rocketry so much, and I hope my group did too!

Designing, Building , Launching, and Graphing #3

Designing and Building:

In this blog post, my group is creating rocket three in rocketry. My group really hopes that we do better than we did last time.  This time the parents are coming to watch us.

We changed the nose cone. It expanded. We changed it because last time we changed the fins and wanted to change the nose cone, so now it is time to.

My group named our rocket, “The Green Dart of Death.” We named it that because the body color is green. I kind of like the name. We try to always be creative about our names.

I am very excited about launching in front of parents! I really hope we do well. Our knowledge has grown during the process of rocketry and we are used to the preparation. I believe we will win!

___________________________________________________________________________Launching and Graphing:

This blog post is about rocket launch #3 as you can see in the title. Since it was my group’s third time launching, we were more aware one what to do and how to do it. I was really excited about it! Now I will tell the story.

At our third launch, I was the countdown master. I was really happy. My group was really happy. We were finally successful! Our rocket went 119 meters. We came second to last place. At least we didn’t come last place.

Honestly, I was stressed out about being a clinometer reader. The parents are here. What if I mess up? Those were some of the thoughts going through my head.

The parents were all very amused by all of our rocket launches. That was the last rocket launch. I was happy for no clinometer readings anymore but also sad. I was sad to stop the process of rocketry. I loved rocketry so far and I wish we would do it again!

Launching and Graphing Rocket #2

This blog post is about rocket launch #2 as you can see in the title. Since it was the second time launching and graphing, we were more sensible about what to do. I was really excited about it! Now I will tell the story.

At our second launch, I was the pumping person. I wanted to be the countdown master. My group thinks that our rocket went really high. Unfortunately, the clinometer readers said that it wasn’t 50 meters.  It went a little bit higher than our first one according to them. Our rocket came last place again. Personally, I think ours went the highest.

I really disliked being a clinometer reader. I got scared of what the possible outcomes were if I got the reading wrong. Our rocket went 96 feet. Six more than last time. For rocket three, my team will be changing the nose cone. We want it to be more stable.

I really liked the experience of rocketry and creating rockets. The main point was collaborating with teammates and building rockets that will be successful. I loved rocketry!


Designing and Building Rocket #2

We started a science unit called Rocketry. We are learning about Rockets. We created one rocket already. It went 90 feet. We are on rocket two now.

My group decided to change the fins on our Rocket. We learned that the fins should have a long length. It affects the drag. We hope that our rocket is successful.

Our teacher said that we could only change one thing about our rocket. The thing we would change about our rocket was our fins. We expanded the fins and leveled them higher.

I think we did pretty well on collaboration. We all had a part in the rocket, and no one was not included. I think the only challenging part of the building is the building. It wasn’t that hard because we had great collaboration together!

Overall I enjoyed the process of creating our rocket. I really hope that we will have a third launch! I am excited about what place we might get on the class leaderboard.

Launching and Graphing Rocket #1

Our first launch we learned a lot. It was not very successful. We came to the last place in the Class Leaderboard.

My team’s rocket launch was not very good. One of our fins came loose.  I had seen on youtube that the fins should have a long length. It affects the drag.

When we designed our second rocket, the only thing we changed was the nose cone. We were only allowed to change one thing.

Our teamwork to build the rocket was not great. We went 26 feet which is approximately 90 miles. I thought rocketry was very fun!

Here is a Video of the Rocket Launch:

Designing and Building Rocket #1

I haven’t learned much during our process of creating our slideshow. I have experienced making an inspiration board and so far, it has been my least favorite part.

We cut a circle out of paper and then cut a line to the middle. Then turn the paper over and over until it is shaped into a cone.

The first rocket design was with, tin foil and cardboard nose cone to break the air, skinny card stock body for aerodynamics and 3 small wood triangle fins for stabilization.

The thing I am looking forward to is designing our rockets. My team’s rocket is going to be made out of tin foil, card stock paper, wood, and cardboard. I am very excited about it.

Plant Blog Post #2

My class has been studying plants. My group decided to exchange the soil with rocks. For the past 2-3 weeks, we have been taking notes and measuring our Manipulated and Controlled plant.

My Control plant’s measurements started off as 2 ½ cm then 3 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm then 17 cm. Man, it has grown a lot since the beginning.


My Manipulated plant’s measurements started off as 1 cm then 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 4 ½ cm, 5 cm and then 5 ½ cm. It turns out it shrank, not grew.


I think this happened because the roots in the manipulated could not absorb the water at the bottom.


Plants: Day #1

Our class is studying plants. We were wondering if the plant would grow even with different soil? We thought that we could add rocks to our plant instead of soil. My Control plant has 4 flowers, 34 buds and is 15 cm tall. My Manipulated plant has rocks instead of soil and has 0 buds, 4 are dead and it is 4 cm tall.


My Control plant has been changing. It started off as 2 ½ cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 13 cm, 14 cm then 15 cm.

My Manipulated plant started off as 1 cm and then still 1 cm the next day, then 2 cm, 3 cm and then 4 cm in the next two days. My Control compared to my Manipulated shows that the Control has grown more. The rocks is not working out as a change for the soil, I wonder why?


Maglev Day 2

Maglev Day 2


We used strip magnets for the car and track. We used 2 magnets for the car and 8 for the track. We had 2 at first on the track, but then we put 6 more to increase the magnetic field. We needed to make it repel so we put each magnet on the north side.

Along the way at the end, our car failed by tipping over. We learned from our fail that the more magnets, the bigger magnetic field. We changed the track by putting more magnets. We kept trying and finally we made it levitate.


The Engineering Design Process (EDP) is… Frustrating, Never ending and it made me realize that failure is okay. I learned that working in a group means Teamwork. Teamwork means… being nice, encouraging each other and combining ideas, =  better!

Maglev Day 1



A Maglev train is a train that moves by magnetic levitation. It works because on the tracks, there are magnets and that makes the train levitate, so it repels.


My group’s idea was putting 2 strip magnets on the tracks and 5 disc magnets on the train.


Sadly, nothing worked on Friday. 🙁


Our track was not even but it was levitating but not moving, so we are going to change the disc magnets to strip magnets for the train.


Chloe and Greta gave me feedback because I was not there.