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Building My Colony – As a Soldier

Building our colony took a very long time. However there were problems. Since I am the strongest person in my colony, I helped carry all the heavy things, stabilize all the buildings, and put on the roofs of some house. I also helped a slave and indentured servant build the big house. We had to get up at dawn and work till dusk. We did not really have much free time to do what we pleased.When we finally finished, we felt really tired. But we also felt proud.


We are reading a book called Stargirl in class by Jerry Spinelli. My thoughts on Stargirl are that, One, I think that Leo and Kevin are curious about Stargirl and what she is doing, and two, Leo is very determined to try and find stuff about Stargirl that is unknown. I think Stargirl is a very interesting story about a school that is boring, and Stargirl comes and lightens the mood. In this school no one wants to stand out. They just want to blend in, not to be noticed. I think this book is very interesting and confusing… But I like it! I think the moral of this book so far, is that you should not be afraid to stand out, just be yourself.

The Brilliant Deep

We read the book, The Brilliant Deep. It inspired me:

I really liked the story the brilliant deep because it had lots of details and it described the coral and how a little boy named Ken cared about it and also how the coral is alive and helping the environment. This made me realise, if you have a passion, you should believe in it and follow it. Like in the book, Ken’s father had a passion for engineering at NASA, but Ken had a passion for the ocean. Later in his life, he started a group called the Coral Restoration Foundation. It was a group of people that cared and had a passion for for the ocean and or coral. And they also wanted to help out with the coral reef’s. “It only takes one.” One person can make a difference. Ken as a little boy enjoyed his passion, and as he grew up, he spread it to the world. This book really inspired me! If you have a passion, follow it like it is the best thing in the world.


Technology is…

What is Technology? I think technology is something is made by a person and that people need or something that improves or remodels an item, But it makes it easier and better. It also entertains people or amuses them. Technology is very something useful to people.

This was my piece of every day Technology.

My object is Technology because it helps you see small things! If you want to see a cool ant, but it bites, you can bring a magnifying glass and peer at it. But don’t get too close!

My object solved the problem to see small things closely. It made life better because then you don’t have to carry a microscope around!

My object improved the microscope. Someone named Zacharias Janssen invented the microscope, and Roger Bacon made the Magnifying glass.

The History of Typography

During our class time in the computer lab, Mr. Casal showed us a video about the history of typography. After watching this video I learned that typography came from many places and can be made in many different ways! I thought the style of the video was really creative because the person who created it was using stop motion, being expressive, he was using sound effects and  he was describing every single bit. I also learned that letters used to be tall and shaped in many ways.


1st half = creator of 2nt half




Jenson-Regular lines


Caslon-old style

Didot and Bidoni-modern

Caslon IV-really big and tall letters- sans serif

Germany -Futura geometric sans

Eric gill-gill sans – humanist sans


Here is the video we watched:


The History of Typography by Ben Barrett-Forrest from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Me The Corn

I’m in a bed of dirt at beautiful Heathcote Garden.

I am a Corn!

One of a few things on me are a long stem, very long roots, giant leaves and delicious Corn.

I am a Corn!

It feels steaming hot and moist in the garden right now.

Spinach and broccoli are planted next to me.

Worms, ants, small spiders and flies are visiting me.           

I am Corn!


One month ago I looked like a sprout with two leaves.

Next month I will be very cold and I will die.

I am Corn!