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Book of the Month – Ted Talk Reflection

“One Plastic Bag” is mainly about getting rid of plastic bags in Gambia. My favorite part was when Isatou and the women of Gambia made the purses, because I thought it was really cool. This book reminded me of when the playground was littered. I think the message of this book is if you can do something – do it! I think that this book was written to tell us that you can make garbage into something pretty, because of the way the author talked mainly about it.

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The Ted Talk is mostly about banning plastic bags in Bali. My favorite part was when the Governor signed the promise of Bali being plastic bag free by 2018. This video reminded me of all the plastic bottles that are littered here. I think the message of this video is kids can do things. I think that these girls were very proud of themselves because of the amount of work they had done.

These stories inspired me to do everything I can to help ban plastic bags in Scarsdale. In Scarsdale we have a problem where a lot of our trash ends up in our ocen. I learned that kids can do things if they’re determined to fix it!