Colonial Day

On December 15 we had Colonial Day. Colonial Day is when all the 4th grade dresses up like the colonials did and we do all these fun things like, tin smithing, Dame school, toys and games, stenciling, And many other fun things! The point of Colonial Day is to teach kids all about the Colonial times and for us to see how it would have been like back then.

My favorite activity was Dame school. Dame school was  my favorite because the teacher actually taught us the way they taught the Colonials. The best part about Dame school was the spelling bee. The spelling bee was my favorite part because she gave the girls very easy words and she gave the boys very hard words.

One thing I learned about Colonial  life is that back then they thought that boys were smarter then girls. They thought that because they expected more from boys then girls.

I want to learn how they made they’re weapons. For example what they made them out of. I want to learn that because back during the colonial times they didn’t have what we have now so i’m very interested in learning that.

Colonial times were different from today because back then they didn’t have flash lights, or any technology. They didn’t have lots of the things we have now. Another reason colonial times are different from today is because now there are many types of materials they didn’t have.




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