January 2019 archive



So in tech I decided to do an extra project. I chose do make a ring. what I did was that I got a Image result for copperthin piece of copper. Then I twisted it three times around a marker. After that I made it strait and the rapted it one time around the marker. Then I weaved the extra copper around the ring.



So in tech right now we are working on flashlights. I just finished mine and I colored it silver. I works like a regular flashlight, when you push down on theĀ  switch it turns on. All the things that we have been learning about leads up to this. First we made the circuit then we soldered it, and put it in the plastic. Then we colored it, finally we were done.



Our teacher, Mr. Calvert, told us that we had to make three switches that worked. A light bulb had to light up when the two pieces of tinfoil touched each other. Mr. Calvert gave us some ideas that we could use but I decided to use my own ideas. My three switches are down below. The first one works when you press down on the circle. The second one works when you pull the stick to make the two pieces of tinfoil touch, then it slings back. My third switch works if you press it down on either side.