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Hey guys, recently I have been looking into what is the process like to be come an FBI agent. My mom has a friend who knows a lot of FBI agents and I emailed her.

Some of my questions that I am looking into are: what are the requirements, what is the training like, why do people quit the training in the middle. At first my questions seemed a little bit too complicated to study be once I looked at them from a different view I soon found a lot about my topic

I am still in the middle of my research but here is what I know so far:

  1. You must have a bachelors degree
  2. You must have a three year work experince
  3. You must have a perfect criminal record
  4. You must be a citizen of the USA
  5. You must be at least 23 but not more than 37. If you are a veteran than those rules don’t apply for you, they can be as old as they want.
    Note: you will have more of a chance to become an FBI agent if you are specialized in language, computers, and law

If you have any questions make sure to comment.

I am looking forward to blogging more about this topic!

Winter Break

Hey guys, I was just on winter break. It was so much fun, I went skiing. I like to ski blacks and double blacks but this year the conditions were very icy so my family and I didn’t go on double blacks. My family and I have tried a couple different ski hills but our favorite is     Mount Tremblant. 

Valentines Day

Hello everyone welcome back. Happy Valentine Day! When I woke up their was a card in my bathroom from my Dad. Then when I was ready for breakfast their were chocolates a balloon at the spot I like to sit at. At school I gave Zac a Valentines Day gift. The gift had chocolates and a teddy bear. In the after noon Zac gave me a card. (This is Zac’s card.)


Hey guys. Did you enjoy the snow yesterday? I did, I went sledding with my brother in my back yard. It was so much fun. Last year we bought a snow scooter and the handle fell off, so now it is just a board. Even though it is a little dangerous we still use it. No one in my family snowboards so if you could give me some tips that would be great. I also danced yesterday. I was glad that it was Acro Jazz because for Acro Jazz you do not have to where shoes. So I got to were snow boots to my dance studio.

Still In The Rain

Here is an exert from one of my narratives:

I felt like if I didn’t do this then no one would trust me. This time was the worst time to walk with them because all the rocks were slippery. There were a lot of rocks because we were near the lake. My cousins were so small and I didn’t know what they could or could not do. If they hurt themselves then I would be in a lot of trouble.

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The Wind In My Face

I am from my dance studio where they sell little toys and snow globes. I am from the vending machines that never work. From that dressing room where we tell jokes and stories before class starts. I am from my dance studio.

I am from Camp White Pine where I always have the best summers of my life. From the glass studio where I spend most of my time. The one that has my name written on a plack. The summers that I have the best time of my life. I am from Camp White Pine.

I am from Mount Tranbla where I go skiing. From the wind in my face, to the t-shirt place where I made a sweatshirt.  From the maple syrup on a stick.  I am from Mount Trambla

I am from Willow Ridge. The country club that I go to. I love the pool and the ice cream Sunday. I am from Willow Ridge

I am from crocheting. I could sit in my room and do it all day long. I love it when I play an audio book while I crochet.  I am from crocheting.

I am from Canada were I always want to stay a week more. I am from my cousins that always fight over who sits next to me. I am from Canada.

Tutu Tuesday

I was at my country club and I snuck candy.  When I was walking it fell out of my pocket. My mom saw, and the next thing I knew I was seeing her eat my candy.  My favorite candies are Air Heads, Sour Patch, and chocolate.  I love to dance–Hip-Hop and Acro Jazz.  I also do Remix, which is a dance company.  Once when I was at Acro Jazz on a Tuesday we saw a box of  tutus so we went all around our room saying tutu Tuesday.  I have turned my brothers thumb blue.  When I was younger my siblings and I went down to the basement and went to the costume box and we danced around the kitchen.  We almost knocked the food over.  I have never been grounded.  I love when my grandparents come and visit. I am getting three new baby cousins.  My favorite place to be is Canada.  I like to do art projects to decorate my room. I have stapled my thumb.               



Hi, my name is Marin. I am 9 years old in 4th grade. I live in New York. I have one older sister and one younger brother. I like to do gymnastics, dance, and play tennis. I love performing.

I play the clarinet. I also am great at skiing, sledding, and swimming.  My favorite subjects in school are art, science, and writing. At home once I finish my homework, I play on the ipad or play with legos.

My favorite activity is skating. Once my brother and I were playing hockey  and it got so intense that one of the sticks broke.

My mom grew up in Canada and my dad grew up in New Jersey. When I go to Canada I get to see all my younger cousins (they are so cute).  I’m going there for spring break .

I don’t have much experience in blogging but I am going to try to make it as good I can.  

If you want me to tell you about something  please comment.