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Safety in Tech 7

Now that I am in 7th grade tech we have some new tools. Since we have new tools we need some new rules.

Some rules are:

  1. Think before you act
  2. Tie your hair back if you have long hair and don’t wear baggy clothes
  3. Don’t assume you know training before tools
  4. No talking when using machinery
  5. Always wear safety glasses
  6. Before using a machine get instruction, get permission, and inspect machine.
  7. Unplug the machine when you want to make unadjustment
  8. Never leave a tool unattended
  9. Be cautious
  10. Be careful
  11. Never nudge someone
  12. Report all accidents



So in tech I decided to do an extra project. I chose do make a ring. what I did was that I got a Image result for copperthin piece of copper. Then I twisted it three times around a marker. After that I made it strait and the rapted it one time around the marker. Then I weaved the extra copper around the ring.



So in tech right now we are working on flashlights. I just finished mine and I colored it silver. I works like a regular flashlight, when you push down on the  switch it turns on. All the things that we have been learning about leads up to this. First we made the circuit then we soldered it, and put it in the plastic. Then we colored it, finally we were done.


Hey guys, recently I have been looking into what is the process like to be come an FBI agent. My mom has a friend who knows a lot of FBI agents and I emailed her.

Some of my questions that I am looking into are: what are the requirements, what is the training like, why do people quit the training in the middle. At first my questions seemed a little bit too complicated to study be once I looked at them from a different view I soon found a lot about my topic

I am still in the middle of my research but here is what I know so far:

  1. You must have a bachelors degree
  2. You must have a three year work experince
  3. You must have a perfect criminal record
  4. You must be a citizen of the USA
  5. You must be at least 23 but not more than 37. If you are a veteran than those rules don’t apply for you, they can be as old as they want.
    Note: you will have more of a chance to become an FBI agent if you are specialized in language, computers, and law

If you have any questions make sure to comment.

I am looking forward to blogging more about this topic!

Winter Break

Hey guys, I was just on winter break. It was so much fun, I went skiing. I like to ski blacks and double blacks but this year the conditions were very icy so my family and I didn’t go on double blacks. My family and I have tried a couple different ski hills but our favorite is     Mount Tremblant. 

Valentines Day

Hello everyone welcome back. Happy Valentine Day! When I woke up their was a card in my bathroom from my Dad. Then when I was ready for breakfast their were chocolates a balloon at the spot I like to sit at. At school I gave Zac a Valentines Day gift. The gift had chocolates and a teddy bear. In the after noon Zac gave me a card. (This is Zac’s card.)


Hey guys. Did you enjoy the snow yesterday? I did, I went sledding with my brother in my back yard. It was so much fun. Last year we bought a snow scooter and the handle fell off, so now it is just a board. Even though it is a little dangerous we still use it. No one in my family snowboards so if you could give me some tips that would be great. I also danced yesterday. I was glad that it was Acro Jazz because for Acro Jazz you do not have to where shoes. So I got to were snow boots to my dance studio.

Still In The Rain

Here is an exert from one of my narratives:

I felt like if I didn’t do this then no one would trust me. This time was the worst time to walk with them because all the rocks were slippery. There were a lot of rocks because we were near the lake. My cousins were so small and I didn’t know what they could or could not do. If they hurt themselves then I would be in a lot of trouble.

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The Wind In My Face

I am from my dance studio where they sell little toys and snow globes. I am from the vending machines that never work. From that dressing room where we tell jokes and stories before class starts. I am from my dance studio.

I am from Camp White Pine where I always have the best summers of my life. From the glass studio where I spend most of my time. The one that has my name written on a plack. The summers that I have the best time of my life. I am from Camp White Pine.

I am from Mount Tranbla where I go skiing. From the wind in my face, to the t-shirt place where I made a sweatshirt.  From the maple syrup on a stick.  I am from Mount Trambla

I am from Willow Ridge. The country club that I go to. I love the pool and the ice cream Sunday. I am from Willow Ridge

I am from crocheting. I could sit in my room and do it all day long. I love it when I play an audio book while I crochet.  I am from crocheting.

I am from Canada were I always want to stay a week more. I am from my cousins that always fight over who sits next to me. I am from Canada.

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