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My Wooden Box

Hey Guys,

So here are some thoughts about my wooden box in tech:

The cardboard model helped me because it showed the measurements of the box and what my box was going to look like. I feel comfortable with using the tools by myself. I had trouble using my ruler because I thought that you had to measure from the first mark of the ruler when you had to measure from the end of the ruler. This kind of messed me up because I had to redo all of my measurements. I struggled to cut my wood in a straight line because I could not make the wood stay in the same position. I thought that it was really satisfying once you sanded your box because it made everything really smooth. I thought that it was frustrating when my box did not fit together.

I still need to work on my box. I have finished sanding, but I need to glue all my pieces together. do not want to have any secret compartments in my box, but I do want a dark stain on my box. I want to put hinges on my box. Once I have done these steps to my box I do not want to do anything else to it. After I finish my box I would like to ake either a metal or a leather bracelet to go in the box.

Making a Wooden Box


So in tech 7 we are making wooden boxes! This is the process of how to make a wooden box:

  1. Make a sketch
  2. make a cardboard model of your sketch
  3. Cut the wood
  4. Glue it together

Now you have a wooden box!



Our teacher, Mr. Calvert, told us that we had to make three switches that worked. A light bulb had to light up when the two pieces of tinfoil touched each other. Mr. Calvert gave us some ideas that we could use but I decided to use my own ideas. My three switches are down below. The first one works when you press down on the circle. The second one works when you pull the stick to make the two pieces of tinfoil touch, then it slings back. My third switch works if you press it down on either side.







Hey guy!

Image result for circuit

This is a picture of an open circuit and a closed circuit

In technology we have been working on circuits. There are a few things that you need to know to make a successful circuit. First you will two wires, a light, and a battery. Another thing that you need to know is that it needs to be a closed circuit. If it open then some of the wires will not touch each other, so the energy will not pass to the light bulb.

My Solder Person


This week I have been working on a Solder person. There are a few things you need to do to make a Solder person:

  1. First you get some of meatal
  2. You tuist the meatal so that you have legs and a face
  3. You cut another piece of metal Solder it on
  4. You are done!

That is how you make a Solder person. You could bend you meatal to make your Solder person to do anything. If you have any questions comment!

Periodic Table


This week we have been learning about the Periodic Table. As of this year there are four has been four more elements added to the table! In class our teacher played the the old song and the new one and he wanted us to try to find the new elements. Comment if you think that you can find the new ones.Image result for periodic table is arranged



A few days ago we did this challenge called Breakoutedu. We had to look at the clues around the room and try to open lock to the safety goggles. The room was split up into two parts. The other side finished before my team but it was fun. Mr.Calvert (our teacher) said that if we were not able to open the case then we would not be able use the safety goggles the hole quarter.Image result for breakoutedu

Technology Rules

Hi welcome back!

In technology there are many dangers machines such as a scroll saws and soldering irons. we need to have rules to keep us safe these are the rules:

  1. Think before you act
  2. Tie your hair back if you have long hair and don’t wear baggy clothes
  3. Don’t assume you know training before tools
  4. No talking when using machinery
  5. Always wear safety glasses
  6. Before using a machine get instruction, get permission, and inspect machine.
  7. Unplug the machine when you want to make unadjustment
  8. Never leave a tool unattended
  9. Be cautious
  10. Be careful
  11. Never nudge someone
  12. Report all accidents

Introducing Technology

Hey guys,

Related image

This is an automata

For the next about ten weeks I am going to be doing a program called Technology. In Technology we can make cool projects. I am very excited that we are able to make something with a circuit because I think it is fun to do trial and error to see what may go right or what may go wrong. We are also going to be making automata’s out of cardboard. I wonder how we are going to make the objects move with only turning a lever? I am planning on telling you guys alot about what I am going in technology.