Rube Goldberg Project #6


For our final phase, we had to record the machine on iMovie or any other app that allows you to edit your recording. We recorded many fails, and finally our success. We put music in it, added sounds, words,etc. My group and I watched the clip a few times and thought that it was okay. I don’t think the video is “great” or “bad” but i think it is decent. I think that we could add more “things” in it like how long it took, or what materials we used. I hope that we did well compared to the other groups. Overall, I had a great experience because I have never done anything like this before. But other than that, the experience was so much fun and I wish that I could do something like this again!

Rube Goldberg Project #5

For this part of the Rube Goldberg Project, my group and I had to make sure that the machine would work and so we added a few minor adjustments. First, we took out some dominoes in the beginning because we didn’t have a lot of materials to use and we couldn’t meet often. We also put some wood blocks under the car ramp to stabilize it, because after a few tries, starting from the middle of the machine, we realized that the ramp would often collapse when the car was on it. And lastly, we had to change from the marble to the big toy ball because it was heavier and could hit the box harder, which would lead to the car going down the ramp, letting the ball go into the hoop.

Rube Goldberg Project #4

A couple days ago, my partners and I basically finished our Rube Goldberg Project. We finally finished our building and got a lot of work done. We built the final last steps of the machine and then we were finished. We didn’t copy off everything on our sketch, but did most of it. We added some different steps that weren’t on the sketch and we didn’t use some if the steps that were on the sketch. I think that that was the day that we got the most work done. We built for an hour and finished the building part of the project.

Rube Goldberg Project #3

Mason, Joning, and I just finished our Rube Goldberg Machine sketch on Google Drawings. We weren’t next to each other so we had to comment and type what we wanted to say. It was pretty fun and took some good thinking. I think that our Rube Goldberg Sketch is neat, and pretty good. We had to come up with six more steps so it was a bit challenging. Our Rube Goldberg Machine might be a bit short. I’m so looking forward to building the actual machine with Chain Reactions. I can’t wait to build the rest of our machine. This project is so cool!

Rube Goldberg Project #2

A couple of days ago, Joning and I went to Mason’s house for the 2nd time to work on our Rube Goldberg Sketch. We got a lot of work done and I think that we made a lot of progress. We already started building a bit but we only put the dominoes on the floor. We think that the next time we meet, we’ll start building a bit more with the marble going down the ramp. I think that our group might be a bit behind some people but ahead of others because we kind of messed up on our sketch but we are going to fix it and that we already built a bit of our Rube Goldberg Machine. I hope the next time we meet, we’ll get even more work done!

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech realized?

I think that Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream” speech has been realized and not.

I think that it has been realized because now there’s no segregation. When Martin was alive, there would be signs saying “Whites Only”. Also, black people and white people went to different schools, used different bathrooms, water fountains etc. On the bus, black people could only sit in the back and the white people get to sit in the front. But now, black people have way more rights than they had a long time ago. So I think that Martin’s speech has definitely been realized in this point of view but also it hasn’t been realized in another.

I also kind of think that Martin’s speech was not really realized because there are still some people who don’t want/like black people being treated fairly. Maybe for example, some companies take in white people for jobs but not black people just because of their skin color. I do not think that is right.

So this is how I would answer to Martin’s speech being realized or not.

Rube Goldberg Project #1

In class we are doing a Rube Goldberg project and I’m pretty sure that everyone is really excited to build one.

A Rube Goldberg machine is basically something that causes a chain reaction to make something else do something which makes something else do something and so on. For example, a ball hits a domino which hits another domino, which hits another domino and so on, and then the last domino falls on a mini seesaw which makes a marble go flying and land in a pipe and it rolls down and so on. A Rube Goldberg machine can literally be anything and it also uses many pretty complex steps to do a simple task.

My partners are Mason and Joning and we met at his house to get started on the sketch. We were thinking about what the simple task should be and started suggesting ideas like, turn on Mason’s iPhone or the Xbox, and finally, I forgot who, suggested that we try to get the ball to get into the hoop and we all agreed on it. So far we just made part of the sketch but we are still going to meet sometime.

I am very excited to keep working on this very fun project!