May 21

Spanish Restaurant

A few days ago the whole fifth grade went on a little field trip to a Spanish restaurant in Port Chester. Since we have been taking Spanish since second grade (I moved in third grade so I’ve been taking Spanish since third grade and now we’re in fifth grade), our Spanish teacher, Senor Johnson, planned this for a little treat. Not only that, we also had to speak Spanish to the waitresses! Also Senor Johnson handed out some papers with question on them. Every class in our grade split up and we got put with people to sit with. I sat with my two friends Leila and Rehma. The waitresses gave different Spanish dishes to us and we all tried the food. With the questions we had to ask the people sitting at our table (Rehma and Leila) questions like “What was your favorite dish” and “What was your least favorite dish” but in Spanish.

I think this was a great opportunity not only speaking Spanish but trying Spanish dishes. I would definitely want to do this again!