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With the Grammy Awards Show coming up later this month, a video featuring the acceptance speech of Taylor Swift from last year’s Grammys has been turned into an inspirational video. 

This video is meant to embolden girls. Why is this message targeting girls and not boys? How are boys supposed to feel about this video?

52 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Inspires

  1. This targets girls because a lot of people know and think that only boys can do important things, like be astronauts or be president. That is not true.Boys are supposed to feel AS important as girl, not more or less important. We can all do anything we dream of.

    To make a connection, a new movie called “Hidden Figures” says just this

  2. I think because Taylor Swift is a girl and also some people are not giving girls to same rights as boys.

    I think that boys are suppose to sad because some people didn’t give the same rights to girls.

    This is what I feel about this

  3. I think this targets girls because girls are overlooked and she wanted to make them feel better. And boys are suppost respect it

  4. I think the message is targeted towards girls because sometimes some people say that girls aren’t strong enough or smart enough and they try to throw you off. But I think Taylor Swift was trying to tell girls that those people are wrong and girls can do anything.

  5. This video is targeting girls because a lot of girls are being left out in the world with there rights.But boys are going to feel upset because this video targets girls and not boys.

  6. I do not know why the video is meant for girls, because the girls are treated the same as the boys now. I think the boys should feel bad about his video because the boys have not done any to girls recently.

  7. It targets girls because to embolden shy girls and girls who are afraid to speak up. Boys will feel like why is she favering the girls and not use.

  8. To help girls not be afraid to follow their dream and not to get shut down because of what other people say or do. Also that boys are not the only people that can do good thing too.

  9. Many people think that girls aren’t smart or strong enough to do things that boys can. Taylor Swift was probably trying to tell people how girls are as smart and as strong as boys.

  10. This video is probably for girls because maybe Taylor Swift boys and she assumes that boys make girls feel bad and she wanted girls to get inspired, and I think boys should respond to this by respecting girls. 😛

  11. As a boy I don’t know if why this video is only targeting about girls and not boys because boys and girls are the same and and can change the world.

  12. I think the video is targeted towards girls because some people say that girls can’t do some things, and that they have to do some things. This video is inspirational to girls that they shouldn’t listen to people who say that and they should do what they love to and Taylor Swift is showing that

  13. I think she should target boys and girls(not males and females) and tell them that we should make the world equal for everyone no matter what gender, skin color or anything else. It should be for the new generation of kids.

  14. Maybe they think girls can do as much as boys can. Boys are probably going to respect the video and boys will not be annoyed with this video

  15. I think the message is talking to girls and not boys because, some boys they make fun of some girls and they say that boy run faster then girls: (

  16. I think the message is targeting girls and not boys because sometimes people think that only boys do the important stuff and the girls can’t do it, but the message is girls can do anything if they believe.
    I think the message is supposed to make boys feel like they are not the only ones who can do important things.

  17. I agree I think that should say boys and girls. Why is this just for girls after all many boys have the same
    problems too.

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